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I need YOU, OH LORD GOD! | Heavenly Manna

I need YOU, OH LORD GOD! | Heavenly Manna

   ABBA YAHUVEH, plainly may I always speak with THEE. Let not my heart hold back from THEE in any secrecy. Let not the seed of corruption enter in mine heart. Neither let any root of bitterness take hold of me, not even in part. May the Fresh Waters of Siloam be my source and not the wormwood springs of babylon. I desire not to feast with pigs or be found guilty of their vile art. They delight in their witchcraft, shooting their strange darts. They hide in their caves working mischief in the dark. They enter not into the Light lest their sins be exposed.

O MIGHTY KING, THOU art the RULER of mine heart. When I am in need of succour, THOU dost give me aid. When I am in need of joy, THOU dost warm me with THY Presence. At times I cannot translate the groanings of my heart. But THY SPIRIT doth understand and maketh intercession. SHE doth send my cries unto Heaven where THOU dost reside. There in Heaven dost THY SON sit, making supplication on THY Right. Thank YOU BELOVED MASHIACH for paying the REDEMPTION PRICE! Thank YOU for shedding THY BLOOD in order to deliver my life!

O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, my heart is the site of a civil war. There doth THY SPIRIT war against the flesh and the flesh doth against THY SPIRIT strive. The enemy is not THY SPIRIT, but ’tis the fleshly side. Help me to overcome and not give in to sin and die! Surely do I work out my own Salvation with fear and trembling! The consequences of giving up maketh me exceeding terrified! I will not give in to the enemy and commit suicide! My life belongeth not to myself but unto MASHIACH, for HE was the ONE crucified! My body is the temple of the RUACH HA KODESH, therefore let YAH be GLORIFIED! In no way should I other spirits into me invite. Unto MASHIACH have I been set apart for to be, unto HIM, eternally sanctified.

O BLESSED SPIRIT of the MOST HIGH YAHUVEH, fill me with the Breath of Life and endue me with more power! THOU art Fair and True and hath led me to MASHIACH for this such hour. Carry me unto the Fair Haven where are no wolves to me devour. May the Former and the Latter Rain be upon me fully showered. I seek not the riches of this world nor any of its honor. THOU hast taught me not to esteem or boast in appearances outward. ‘Tis GODLINESS within, the adorning of one’s heart with a meek and peaceable spirit, which worketh from GOD a great reward. Be thou still, o my soul, and live peaceably. Fret not at the evil-doers and neither do as they do and from life cower. Commit thyself unto YAH ELOHIM in prayer, for HE is thy POTTER.

The seas of vexation do roar violently against me. They do foam forth their threats and desire to me swallow. It is them that I rebuke but THY NAME, ABBA YAHUVEH, that I hallow. Soon wilt THOU hang these corrupters just as THOU didst overthrow Haman on his own gallows. Soon the BRIDEGROOM shall come, for fast approacheth the Day of Espousals! May it be that I am found clean, without any spot or wrinkles. Please count me worthy to be caught in an eye’s twinkle. May I always be upon THEE fixed and my eye to THY GLORY single. Help me persevere unto the end for to stand by the sea of glass which is with holy fire mingled. In THY NAME I pray, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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