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In all seasons, at all times GOD provides! | Heavenly Manna

In all seasons, at all times GOD provides! | Heavenly Manna

    HOLY and BELOVED YAHUVEH, THOU art my DADDY GOD. Grateful am I of all that THOU hast done for me at the Cross through THY BELOVED SON YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH! Thank YOU for sustaining me by the Breath of THY RUACH! Thank YOU for not forsaking me when my life was broken apart! As a seed buried in the soil was I. THOU hast caused me to spring forth by the Light of THY Heart.

I abide in THY Timing, for truly THOU dost hold me in the Palm of THY Hand. THOU hast within engraven my name. Truly THOU hast surrounded me with the smoke of THY Presence. Put away from me, hast THOU, my nakedness and shame. Put away from me, hast THOU, my sins and transgressions. Brought my soul unto, hast THOU, the GOOD SHEPHERD. THOU didst send HIM forth to gather those scattered.

Thirsty and near death was my wretched condition. Yea, THOU sentest forth THY LIVING WATERS and revived my soul. Without direction was I until THOU lifted my confusion. Now go I about on the Hill of Zion leaping and skipping. With joy in my heart do I sing forth praises unto THY NAME!!! HALLELUYAH! for HE hath saved me from confusion! HE hath delivered me from the pit of despair and filled me with the Light of Salvation!

PRAISE ye YAH! O PRAISE HIM ye fields and blades of grass! Bow before HIS Throne at the rushing of HIS Wind! Commit ye unto HIM all your works and walk faithfully before HIM all ye peoples! Render unto HIM thy firsfruits and despise not HIS Grace! YAHUSHUA is our MASHIACH and shall return speedily with HIS host! Be found obedient unto HIM. Finish thou thy race!

O BELOVED KING YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I bow before THY Throne! THOU hast caught all my tears shed for righteousness’ sake. THOU hast performed the Word THOU didst speak unto THY servant so many years ago. THOU hast not kept back one jot or tittle from being fulfilled. THY FAITHFULNESS cannot be measured! There is no fault in THY Foundation and neither is there any crookedness in THY Path. All they who build upon THY Word and depart not to the right or left shall weather the storm.

Help us to walk the Way of Holiness and not turn back. We commit our ways unto THEE and seek the better way of humility. Let WISDOM be seated upon our countenance. We desire the Fruit of HER doings and not the vain conceits of this world. Death and destruction haunt the broad path. Many do walk thereon, seeking in hell to be hurled. They have turned aside from Righteousness, desiring THY Wrath.

O BELOVED MASHIACH, the tears THOU hast shed over mankind’s iniquity! I am sorry for my part and am ashamed of my crimes. THOU hast, by THY BLOOD, cleaned my slate. Let me not turn back to my former times. May it never be that I give in to what the flesh doth crave! THOU hast me set free as THOU didst rise from the grave! I give THEE the GLORY for the SACRIFICE THOU gave!

THY Salvation THOU didst declare openly and not in secret or in a dark cave. Yea, again THOU didst shout it from the housetops so that all might be saved! Mine ear hast THOU opened and made mine heart unto THEE to behave. Now do I joyfully THEE serve, for THOU hast made me THY slave. My path in this life hast THOU with THY BLOOD paved. THOU hast with THY Robe of Righteousness me clothed and arrayed.

Blessed be THY NAME, for the PRICE for my soul THOU hast paid! Thank YOU BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH! Thank YOU for in HIM THOU hast not turned me away! May it be that I for THEE make that one hundred percent grade. May I be found well-pleasing for to eternally dwell beneath THY Shade. In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH NAME do I pray, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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