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In the Shelter of GOD’S Wings | Heavenly Manna

In the Shelter of GOD’S Wings | Heavenly Manna

O THOU who dost abide in the FATHER’S Bosom, THOU art my Salvation and Light! THOU hast enlightened my darkness and caused me to see my transgression. THOU offeredst me hope in the gloominess of my despair. THOU caused the dark veil to be rent in seven different shreds. THOU hast caused the oppressor to release my neck. Yea, THOU dost now lead me unto the Green Pasture. THOU fillest me with THY Living Waters which floweth abundantly out of the Mouth of ABBA YAHUVEH.

PRAISE be to the LIVING KING who is the Source of my joy! PRAISE be to my COMFORTER, for HE hath delivered me of mine infirmities! Yea, I was infected by demonic speech. They and my old man made confederate against the GREAT “I AM.” I was blinded by pride and hardened in my heart. Unto destruction was I headed until MASHIACH touched my hand. HE didst pull me up from the pit of despair and silenced the voice of the accuser. I repented of my sins and turned unto the Light. Now look I unto Zion, for from thence shall come my AVENGER!

I get myself under the shadow of my FATHER’S wings. Yea, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH do I abide in the CLEFT of the ROCK. HE hath made shelter for me that I be not carried away with the flood. HE hath exalted me by HIS Right Hand for HIS PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY! I once was a worm that fed on refuse, but now am I a butterfly that feedeth on HIS Virtue! HALLELUYAH, for HIS Word is good and endureth forever!

Cause me to have faith like unto a baby chick. THOU hast said I will in no wise enter THY KINGDOM unless I have faith as a child; of such is the KINGDOM of Heaven. Blessed be THY Wisdom, for THOU hast caused me to understand! THOU hast given me saving knowledge, training me by THY Right Hand!

I GLORIFY THY NAME, for THOU art my Strong Refuge of ROCK! I bless THY EXALTED TRUTH, for HE is both the only Way and Life! Upon this High Way of Holiness shall I travel, even unto the end. THOU hast made my crooked paths straight and brought balance to my mind. Dwell THOU in the midst of this earthen tabernacle. Grant me THY Resurrection Power and to dust mine enemies grind! Reduce them to rubble and a ruinous heap!

Answer THOU me through the Fulness of THY GLORY. I am called by THY NAME which is the reason I am persecuted. Yet, I complain not, for ’tis a Great Honor to suffer for Righteousness’ sake. THOU hast granted me THY Grace which is more than sufficient for this present age. Yea, THY Grace is sufficient in aiding THY saints no matter what the time of day! HALLELUYAH, for the KING cometh! HE hath set the stage!

My mind was once locked in a cage. Insanity did bind me by reason of sin’s bondage. Yet in THY mercy THOU didst afflict me and cause me to awake. I lifted up mine eyes and saw, for me, THOU didst hang on a stake! Mine eyes did overrun with water, for my place didst THOU take. YAHUSHUA! THOU art my MASHIACH! I exist only to bring THEE praise! May my life now be a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable in THY Gaze! I incline mine ears unto THY voice, giving no value to what the devil says. Be gone thou serpent; from me flee apace! In the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, be gone from my face!

THOU hast taught me the better way of wisdom and the secret of THY Heart. By abiding under HIS Wings can I THEE see. THOU hast planted me in THY Sight, making me to dwell safely! PRAISE be to the KING, for HE is HIGHLY ESTEEMED!!! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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