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In these end times, GOD is still FAITHFUL! | Heavenly Manna

In these end times, GOD is still FAITHFUL! | Heavenly Manna

    Tightly cling I to the Righteous Hem of my BELOVED’S Garment! Mightily hath HE gone forth for to rescue HIS people. HE hath clothed me with HIS Righteousness and taken away all mine fears. My REDEEMER doth live and HIS NAME is YAHUSHUA, the MASHIACH of Yisrael!

BELOVED MESSIAH, though the resistance is fierce, THY Strong Foundation will not wear away. Though the fury of the oppressor is strong, it will not last continually. It will not overcome THY KINGDOM. The wicked shall stumble over their own sins and be cast headlong into hell. They shall not rise a second time. But THOU hast reserved a place for the righteous where we shall not ever be in want. THOU hast ordained for us the Green Pasture wherein no wolf doth hunt. This is that KINGDOM prepared for us from before the world’s formation.

We give THEE GLORY and arise at THY Call! THOU hast turned us from sin and taught us THY Law. In THEE is there Life, for to iniquity THOU never didst fall. Though THOU didst die, it was because upon THEE wast laid the depravity of us all. Upon that Cross, for our sake, didst THOU hang and taste that bitter gall. They stripped THEE naked and didst gamble over THY prayer shawl. THOU wast conspired against and condemned with charges false. Not even Pilate could, in THEE, find any wrong at the judgment hall.

We bless THY HOLY NAME, for THOU didst rise from sheol! In THEE was the FATHER GLORIFIED and HIS Word shown true. In THEE is the FATHER well-pleased! We honor THY HOLY NAME, for THOU art this due. We do so out of love without the intention of manipulating YOU.

Many times doth the enemy bring doubt to my mind. he doth so subtly strive to put out my faith. By the POWER of THY BLOOD, O MESSIAH, do I rebuke him every time! THY FAITHFULNESS doth exceed the measure of the expanse of the heavens. If I will but continue to THEE obey, I will not fall for the enemy’s signs. THOU hast purchased me with THY BLOOD and made me THINE.

O MASHIACH, THOU didst never say it would be easy. I have given THEE my life and desire not the things of this world. All that this world has to offer is to me as dung. All that I have forfeited for the Gospel’s sake is as nothing to me. The privilege of being saved and serving in THY KINGDOM is far better than the wealth of gold and rubies. Soon I shall return home to Heaven and before THY Throne dwell eternally!

O what a day that shall be when THY Face I shall see! Truly THOU art my KING who will make me to lie down peacefully! To be part of THY Bride do I desire whole-heartedly. THY children do cry to be found worthy. Let us not slip into pride but instead walk humbly. Many shall be surprised when THOU dost come and they are not raptured gloriously. With each breath that we take, may we be more unto THEE holy. In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA our BRIDEGROOM, we pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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