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Is GOD Really In Control? | Heavenly Manna (14)

Is GOD Really In Control? | Heavenly Manna (14)

    Cleanse THOU me, O SOVEREIGN KING of Eternity! THY Right Hand hath upholden me in the times of great trials. THOU leddest me through the tears and storms; nay, THOU didst not let me slip. My paths are in THY Hands. My times art THOU aware of. Be THOU my POTTER and shape my destiny.

All that I am and all that I am not doth belong unto THEE. If I were to flee unto the ends of the earth, there wouldst THOU find me. Yea, THOU art my Very Strong Rock and High Tower of Strength. I have put my heart in the Palm of THY Hands. My life commit I to THEE. I am THINE. Forsake me not at any time!

OH BLESSED ONE of Eternity, the waves of the ungodly do pound against me, yet will my faith fail not. My GOD is my Strength, HE is my Salvation, and Song of Deliverance! Wherefore should I doubt YAHUVEH, my LOVING FATHER, and call HIM a liar? I will put action behind my faith and profession and lay mine hand to the plow. With an upright heart and clean hands only, will I be allowed. Cause me to ascend at the Holy Shout. Cause me to embrace MESSIAH’S Bosom, knowing that from hell, HE is my only Way out!

OH BLESSED be my FAIR BRIDEGROOM and LOVING SAVIOUR! Blessed be our FATHER and SOVEREIGN KING! HE hath poured forth HIS New Wine unto the peoples. HE hath not left us destitute or thirsty. HE is our WELLSPRING of LIFE and HUMBLE HAVEN! Let us forever abide in HIM, for HE is the VINE and HIS FATHER the HUSBANDMAN. Blessed be YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH from this time forth and even forever more!

THOU art aware and in control of mine downsitting and uprising. THOU hast made me the head and not the tail. THOU hast made me to sit in Heavenly places. Thank YOU ABBA YAH for the BLOOD of the LAMB which washes me clean! Thank YOU LORD MAGNIFICENT ONE for making me whole! May YOUR NAME be magnified in my life!

At times am I wearied and sorely oppressed. I make myself to swim in an ocean of tears on account of being depressed. The GOOD LORD SHEPHERD doth always comfort me. HE will not let the floods overflow me. Strengthen THOU me and cause me to inherit THINE High Places. May I be as an roe and skip upon THY Holy Mountain! Forever may I graze on the Green Grass beside the Living Waters.

May my testimony show forth a good and upright conversation, bringing YOU ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY! Transform my heart and make it new. Let the dross be purged and the old man crucified. Let the lies of the serpent be condemned and the TRUTH of THY SPIRIT be magnified. Magnify THY Law that I may keep it.

Speak, O IMMAYAH, and bring life to the Scriptures. Teach me, train me up in the Way that I should go. Vanity and vexation of heart do I desire no more. Lead me to the ROCK that is higher than I. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan'el


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