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Is GOD’S Anger reserved for those who obey? | Heavenly Manna

Is GOD’S Anger reserved for those who obey? | Heavenly Manna

    Heart-broken and down-cast was my soul before THOU didst lift me from the stinking mire. Shipwrecked and drowning in despair was I till THOU madest me to hear THY Voice. O BELOVED MASHIACH, up didst THOU pull me! O BREATH of the MOST HIGH GOD, THOU didst revive me by the POWER of THY GLORY! In THEE do I trust, for mine own understanding causedst me to fail. Yet now do I soar upon the height of THINE eastern gale! Blessed be my ROCK in whom I dwell! Blessed is HE who doth abide in this tabernacle so frail!

BLESSED HIGH GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, THOU dost not reserve THY Wrath for THY children. THOU dost pity us and, in love at times, us chasten. Help us to unto THY Throne obey the more. Let us not grieve THY SPIRIT but instead follow the better way of wisdom. Why should we faint and fail THY KINGDOM? Why should we lose faith and look no more to our REDEMPTION? Nay, we shall call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MESSIAH and keep our hand to the plow! Naught shall we do in our own strength but only in THY POWER RESURRECTION!

O BELOVED MASHIACH, temptations come at me from the left and from the right. hell doth bombard me with every kind of sin. Yet I know not to them give heed except only to them rebuke. By the POWER of THY BLOOD and NAME do I from them refrain. Take heed, my soul, to the path thou dost in this life travel. Prepare ye the Way of the LORD and continue on in the Narrow Lane. Look only to Heaven’s Court, for surely the JUDGE doth not in vain lay down the gavel. HE doth in HIS Mercy render judgment according to HIS Righteous Reign.

O my soul, take heed to the MASTER’S Way or else in hell thou wilt unravel! In misery and suffering wilt thou exist, bound by curses and chains. Mock not GOD but instead HIM bless. Sow in holiness and thou wilt reap of the same. May it be that I produce good fruit with my garment one hundred percent free of stains. Let me not THY Love ever of it make a game. Only in SPIRIT and in TRUTH may I my life spend of what remains. Thank YOU BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH for THY SACRIFICE by which THOU dost me claim!

Depart from me satan, thou who spewest forth only lies! thou didst fall from Heaven to the earth in the twinkling of an eye. By the BLOOD of HE who overcame thee, YAHUSHUA my MESSIAH, do I thee testify against! No more of thy venom will I receive. My GOD hath thee destroyed, thou worm and despicable stench! By the Mercy and NAME of YAHUSHUA my MESSIAH did I Salvation perceive. I belong not to thee thou unprofitable branch! My builder is my MASTER whom hath me capped with HIS CORNERSTONE CHIEF! Depart from me I say, for no longer do I desire thine illusions so brief! thou hast only ever lied and caused me grief. The BLOOD of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, the LORD of the universe, doth against thee stand thou thief! I take back from thee 7-fold all that thou hast from me stolen by deceit!

May my life be unto THEE wholly acceptable and meet. I pray only to THEE please, my MESSIAH, and walk the golden street. THOU hast purchased me for THINE own, that I might at the Banquet have a seat. Thank YOU my MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM for enduring the nails in THY Hands and Feet! Thank YOU for upon YOURSELF taking all humanity’s sins and iniquities! Thank YOU PRECIOUS MOMMA WISDOM, for unto HIM drawing me so tenderly and sweet!

May the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH be exalted, for HE hath arisen from what seemed like defeat! THOU didst arise on the SABBATH, for to separate the chaff from the wheat! Take me home at the sound of the shofar blast. May it be that I am found worthy to on that day THEE greet. Come quickly, O MASHIACH YAHUSHUA, please come FAST! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, do I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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