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Is GOD’S Patience with Earth about to end? | Heavenly Manna

Is GOD’S Patience with Earth about to end? | Heavenly Manna

AWESOME in Fury art THOU, O YAHUVEH, my KING of hosts! Let me dwell in THY Tabernacle till THY Wrath passeth over and carrieth the wicked away. Hide THOU me in THY bowels of mercy that I perish not in the Day of THY Fierce Indignation! O BLESSED be THY NAME because THOU art not angry with THY children! O BLESSED be the FOUNDATION of THY Throne because THOU hast covered me with the BLOOD ATONING! Faithful are THY Works, and who can tell them?

THOU dost rule the heavens in THY Might and with Wisdom dost discover the foundation of every work. THOU art HE who instillest fear in the heathen when they transgress THY Law. THOU art HE who dost always provide a way of escape for THINE loving and obedient children! BLESSED be THY Bosom out of which proceeded forth YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH!!! In an acceptable time didst THOU cause HIM to spring forth as a root out of a dry ground. Yea, HE met me in the wilderness and hath unto the Promise led me!

O BELOVED MASHIACH, mine arms wrap I around THEE! I hold on tight with all my mind, all my strength, and all my heart to the Hem of THINE Outstretched Garment. THOU hast upholden me in the days of my youth. Near to fainting was I but THOU didst succour me with THY Water. As a spring that doth burst forth in the scorched wilderness wast THOU to me in the days of mine affliction. O WELLSPRING of EVERLASTING LIFE, be THOU blessed to know that I am alive because of THY Resurrection!

Dead and buried wast THOU, but neither death or the tomb could hold THEE! It was for my transgressions that THOU sufferedst the crucifixion. THOU wast delivered for my offences and raised again for my justification! By THY BLOOD hast the FATHER unto HIS Throne made reconciliation. Now go I about all the day long leaping, and skipping, and praising GOD!! In HIM do I boast, for with HIM is True POWER! Who is so mighty as my GOD YAHUVEH?! Who but HE dost shape creation with HIS LOFTY RIGHT HAND?!

Unto whom shall we bow except it be our CREATOR GOD YAHUVEH?! There is none other NAME by which we can be saved except by the NAME of “YAHUSHUA,” HIS Only Begotten SON! There is no other GOD save HE alone! All the nations that forget GOD shall be turned into hell and laid in extreme torment. Let us rejoice in our SAVIOUR who hath ransomed us from the power of satan and translated us into the KINGDOM of HIS FATHER! Let us rejoice in our Salvation and publish this Good News abroad!

O YAH ELOHIM, be magnified in the sight of the heathen! Be THOU exalted and shake the heavens! The heaven, even the heaven of heavens cannot contain THY Majestic GLORY! What an AWESOME GOD we serve!

BLESSED FATHER, this world doth feast on the flesh of THY saints! This world doth spurn THY NAME and spite THY Salvation! THY patience only endurest forever for those striving to THEE obey. THOU wilt no more extend THY Mercy to those who make a mockery of THY NAME and trample THY SON’S HOLY BLOOD. THOU hast a list of all those who wickedly, THY SON’S Bride, torture and persecute. Perform THOU THY Wrath, and THY Word make haste to execute! How much longer till THOU avengest the blood of the holy martyrs?! How much longer wilt THOU allow THY prophets to be stoned and murdered?! Till the full number be come in, is the answer. When the measure of their blood is shed, then wilt THOU the Tribulation unleash!

Come O LORD YAHUSHUA, COME! Be THOU MIGHTY in battle! Slay the captain of their hosts and feed their carcasses to the beasts! Answer them as how a lion doth spring forth from his covert upon the neck of his prey. For the blood of THY children, wilt THOU the wicked ones’ blood cause to spray! Recompense upon recompense, woe unto this world when THOU makest to rise the Day of Destruction! Woe unto them who give suck in that day! Woe unto them who destroy and betray! Woe unto those who speak to their CREATOR as if HE were the clay! They are all of them rebels that try and seduce the multitudes from the Upright Way!

Yet we THY children commit our breath into THY Hands. THOU dost hold our lives in the Palms of THY Hands. We are THINE and with another will we not stand. We belong unto the Scepter of TRUTH, for THOU hast to us extended HIM. Thank YOU for THY FAITHFULNESS without which we are damned! Thank YOU for THY pity by which THOU hast made us to stand. From Heaven looked THOU upon mankind and saw his terrible affliction. In THY Mercy didst THOU send forth THY SON for to bring us consolation. Through YAHUSHUA have we with THEE right relation! Blessed be THY NAME, O MESSIAH, by which I have holy elation! Blessed be my GOD who hath delivered me from eternal devastation! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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