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Is the Bride of YAHUSHUA Ready? | Heavenly Manna

Is the Bride of YAHUSHUA Ready? | Heavenly Manna

    O GREAT and GLORIOUS MASHIACH, my heart doth pant after THEE! My heart beateth only for THEE! I exist by THY Right Hand and desire to serve THEE in a more perfect way. I cast aside all superfluity of naughtiness. Yea, in times past I had my conversation among the gentiles. Where once I had pleasure in unrighteousness, now I desire not to set my gaze upon it. My old man raged and lusted. He did curse and destroy. But thanks be to THEE, my PRECIOUS SAVIOUR, for he is dead.

THOU hast made me to be a New Creation. My past doth no longer exist, for all things have been made new. Though my past doth bring me shame, I shall not take my hand off the plow. I shall use it to testify of THY Beloved and Sure Saving Grace. THOU hast shed THY Grace upon me with the pouring out of THY Life. THOU wast afflicted and crushed for the atoning of a soul, my soul, that deserved not saving. Yet by reason of HIS Love, did the FATHER offer THEE up. By reason of THY Mercy, THOU didst obey HIS Command.

I am bought with THY PRECIOUS and EVERLASTING BLOOD! Thank YOU my MOST HUMBLE MASHIACH and LORD! Thank YOU for, from hellfire, saving me! I leave my past at the foot of the Cross at Calvary. THOU didst allow what THOU didst allow. Now help me to use my past to bring THEE GREAT GLORY!

FATHER YAHUVEH of the MOST HIGH HEAVEN, THOU dost delight in Uprightness. THOU dost take pleasure in beautifying the meek. Cause me to be humble and make straight any crooked paths in my life. Help me to lean on the Sturdy Staff of THINE Understanding. Among the briers and thorns didst I fall. Yea, entangled by the soul-piercing ways of this world once was I. THOU camest upon me but didst NOT pass by. THOU gavest me sight and a voice to speak. Then did I with all my might, all my mind, and all my strength, cry aloud unto THEE. THOU resurrected me from the snares of my sin and healed me of my transgressions. I have nothing to hide from THEE, for THOU art my Life and my Salvation!

O let me not turn back unto the old ways! Let me not forsake THEE. Grant me chastisement that I embrace not apostasy! The Great Day of THY Vengeance cometh! As surely as the sun riseth and setteth, so is the certainty of THY Judgment. Great delusion and strong illusion is set to befall this world. They have chosen to believe lies and commit whoredoms with the harlot. Judge her, O GOD mine AVENGER, and forget not her lewdness! Forget not her wicked ways but render unto her double!

Yea, double her judgment and all consuming destruction! THOU shalt cause her to drink of the Fulness of the Wine of THY HOT and FIERCE WRATH! Spare not! THOU art no respector of persons. Though she hath arrayed herself with rich garments, THOU wilt not be deceived. That which is highly esteemed by the fatted whore is an exceeding abomination in THY Sight. Yea, the stench of her sins is as dung and it hath reached THY Throne. Melt her in THY Wrath and cause the nations to stand aloof. Cause them to be put to shame; to know they are but men.

Rejoice O ye saints, for the GOD of our SALVATION is standing up to judge! Yea, HIS Judgment is unwavering and perfect in execution. HE hath no darkness but only Light and TRUTH. Trust ye in HIM, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, for HE hath put our enemies to flight. Pour out your complaints unto HIM, for HE is Just and shall surely avenge HIS elect.

HE is our Refuge and Trusted High Tower! HE is our REDEEMER and HIGH HAND of Sure Deliverance! PRAISE be to YAHUVEH our ABBA who hath not left us desolate! PRAISE be to YAHUSHUA our Soon Coming KING! Blessed is HE, for HE cometh in the undefiled NAME of our ABBA YAHUVEH!!! Let all the saints be glad and rejoice in glory! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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