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Is your trust in money or GOD? | Heavenly Manna

Is your trust in money or GOD? | Heavenly Manna

    OH ABBA YAHUVEH, what shall I say before THY Throne? I shall proclaim with a humble heart and a right attitude that I come in the NAME of YAHUSHUA THINE Only Begotten SON. It is in the NAME of my MASHIACH that I enter the Holy of Holies. Let the smoke of THY Presence fill this place. Cause me to be full of THY Joy and even overflowing.

THY Salvation is better to me than fine riches and all that the flesh could have. THOU hast brought me through the fire and storm for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY. If THOU didst not come to my aid, then would I have perished in the clay miry. If THOU wouldest have THY Hand stayed and not wrought deliverance, then would I have been devoured by the pit fiery. THOU hast raised me from destruction as water is drawn from a well. THOU didst let down THY Cord, for to rescue me from hell. I have taken hold of THY Right Hand by which I am strengthened. THOU hast granted me a peaceable habitation in which I now dwell. In the midst of THY Presence doth my life much avail.

OH ABBA YAHUVEH, the words of their mouths are smoother than butter. They speak gracious words but in their hearts have they priced me for sale. They neither own me or any of the flock of THY Green Dale! How DARE they make merchandise of THY people and offer us only crumbs stale! How DARE they devise these wicked inventions! How dare they seek to lead THY sheep and lambs down the slaughter trail! They commit whoredoms and speak blasphemy in their secret conventions. Yet THOU knowest this altogether and they shall not prevail! Nay, THOU shalt take and destroy them according to what THY Holy Word mentions. They, against THY MASHIACH, against THY Throne, and against THY saints, rail. THOU dost hold them in derision and wilt recompense them from the heavens. Though they exalt themselves in their hearts, THOU hast pre-ordained them to be the tail. They prophesy lies in THY SON’S NAME and out of the corruption of their own hearts spew forth vain visions. They cannot be healed of what doth them ail. They are all of them reprobate and fit only for destruction. They shall for all eternity gnash their teeth and in agony wail. Before the foundation, they did not THEE hail. Their necks are all of them stiff, refusing THY Loving correction.

I will continue on in the Way of my ADONAI, for HE hath made me wiser than all mine teachers. Humbly may I progress and in HIS Sight find favor. Let me not take the bribes of this world that my faith should not in THEE waver. Only may it be that I am supplied by THY Hand, for HE alone is my SAVIOUR. By HIS BLOOD am I washed and unto HIM is my love shown through righteous behavior. I trust not in forecasters or the greedy soothsayers. I trust in my ROCK, for HE alone hath brought me REDEMPTION! YAHUSHUA is my LORD and unto another will I not turn. HE hath spoken that none shall me pluck out of the FATHER’S Hand. ABBA YAHUVEH, thank YOU for THY FAITHFULNESS by which I do stand! THOU hast promised not to leave or ever me strand. Upon my forehead and in my heart, THY Word brand. THOU hast marked me for THINE own, appointing me unto THY Goodly Land. Soon THOU wilt send THY SON, for this THOU hast planned! All they who deny HIM shall sink in the sand. All they who receive HIM shall HE in HIS Garden plant.

Let THY will be fulfilled and THY Word shine forth, O ABBA YAHUVEH! THY saints do seek YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S Return. Surely upon HIM do we wait. The nations shall be asleep and not HIS Coming anticipate. HE shall crush them in HIS Fury, for they HIS KINGDOM hate. Come LORD YAHUSHUA , COME! Cause us to be granted the Bridal fate. THOU art never too early or too late. THOU truly wilt come on that Set Apart Date. So may it be for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY!!! Only in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME do I pray this, ABBA YAHUVEH, and say, “AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!!”

Prophet Natan’EL


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