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Listen to the LORD your GOD! | Heavenly Manna

Listen to the LORD your GOD! | Heavenly Manna

    ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU art faithful to command THY Word to us. THOU art faithful to uphold THY Law. Though a hurricane from hell ascendeth against us, we shall not be put to flight. Though a mighty principality cometh forth from the depths of darkness, we shall not repent from the Way of Holiness. All such as turn aside shall be carried away in THY Wrath into the uttermost blackness of everlasting separation.

May we hearken with our ears and retain with our hearts the Holy Command THOU dost sow from THY Throne. Let that which THOU dost proclaim drop down and take root in the earth. It shall grow strong, the Strong Doctrine THOU dost plant. May we abide under the shadow of the Living Tree which only produceth fat fruit. May we partake, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, of this Tree of Life.

Slain were we by the fruit from the tree of death. In the grave did we lie after ingesting its fatal poison. Yet THOU in THY mercy didst raise us from the pestilence noisome! Now we go about all the day long boasting in the Might of THY Right Hand! Now go we about amidst the flock in the Green Land! THOU hast pitied us in our lowly estate and caused us to ride upon the Wind!

No matter what happens, may it be that unto THEE we are found faithful. There is no worse villain than one who hath known the TRUTH and then speaks lies against it. Again, such an one is beheld as utterly vile and detestable in THY Sight. Yea, they are as wormwood which maketh one to vomit. Surely THOU wilt spew them forth into the WINEPRESS of THY Wrath. THOU wilt make an end of their name, their habitation, their posterity, and their fame. THOU wilt make Heaven and earth to testify against them as was done in the days of old against backsliding Israel.

Purge out the rebels from THY people. THOU hast scattered THY people to the ends of the earth, but will in no wise lose the least grain of wheat. Just as surely as not one jot or tittle from THY Law can be canceled, so too is it impossible for THY people Jacob to be made utterly desolate. Sure is THY COMMAND, and who can limit THEE?! Sure is THY WORD, and who can say otherwise?!

All blasphemers and back-biters shall have their part in the lake of fire for their treacherous lies. They shall not escape the blood-guiltiness they have incurred by eating up THINE Inheritance! THOU wilt come in furious revenges and overthrow them in an instant. Though they be cut off in a moment, their punishment shall be eternal. Though they hide in the darkness, THOU wilt expose them by the Light of THY TRUTH. From the housetops will their sins and transgressions be made known. The entirety of creation shall witness against the uncouth.

O ABBA YAHUVEH, in the Faithfulness of THY Law do I hide mineself. In the CLEFT of the ROCK do I make myself to stay. Until THY Wrath passeth over and consumeth the adversary will I in this COVERT continually pray. Supplicate I THY Throne, for with THEE is Plenteous Redemption and Mercy. Protect me from the rejected ones and all their lying devices. Protect me from all their abominations that maketh desolate, for in THEE alone do I trust.

I know mine ROCK and HE is the Help of Israel! I know mine SHEPHERD and HE is Jacob’s Deliverance! I know my PRINCE and HE is Zion’s Peace! O come and descend, THOU LORD of hosts and make THY Rule in the earth! O come, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, and reward them who wait on THEE! Reward them also who blaspheme THY SPIRIT HOLY! Cause the vengeance of TRUTH to commit them to the ‘PRESS! Cause the Verdict of Heaven to be rendered at once! THOU, the FATHER, and THY SPIRIT are the HOLY WITNESS! Bring balance to Jerusalem and cause her sins to be washed away. Put away her whoredoms with the outpouring of THY Reign!

When once THOU hast spoken, THOU art sure to ordain. THOU wilt not erase the Word of THY Law. THOU wilt not give pardon unless that wicked one turneth from his way. Be not pretentious, for this is vanity. Neither show ye false repentance, for HE who judgeth cannot be deceived. Be thou humble and of a contrite heart, for that is the will of the FATHER. Make ye yourself holy by following HIS MESSIAH SON. Put not before thyself lying images or soul-destroying signs. Seek ye not these things but only the LIVING BREAD come down from Heaven.

HE only is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Apart from HIM is nothing. Abiding in HIM brings fulness of joy, for HE is YAH’S ELECT ONE. HE doth uphold HIS Rule by the POWER of HIS HIGH HAND. HE taketh no bribes, for the earth is HIS and the fulness thereof. HE is neither shady or crafty in wickedness. Troublous schemes and cunning fables doth HE not know. HE desireth only TRUTH in a person’s inward parts. HE desireth only obedience which is unfeigned faith in action.

Let us fear YAHUVEH and keep HIS commands, for this is the simple duty of man and the purpose of his existence. Let all that we do bring GLORY unto HIS Throne. In YAHUSHUA our BELOVED MASHIACH’S NAME do we pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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