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Look To GOD For The Answer | Heavenly Manna (2)

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Look To GOD For The Answer | Heavenly Manna (2)

    My KING and my GOD, unto THEE do I pour out my heart. Take away my reproach and forgive me of mine iniquity. I set forth vanity before mine eyes. Let the BLOOD of the LAMB wash me throughly. My hands are uplifted in THY Sanctuary. Unto THEE do I make supplication and acknowledge my faults. I rely upon the HOLY ONE whose NAME is “YAHUSHUA the MASHIACH.” HE is mine HELPER, for THOU hast made HIM my ATONEMENT.

Search my heart and try me. Let the dross surface and purge THOU it away. I am a work of THY Hands. Use me as THOU wilt. My rags clothed me and my stench came before THEE. THOU hast known the grievous wanderings of my youth. I am ever before THEE, for I am fearfully and awesomely made. THOU art near to those that supplicate THY Throne. THOU art with the broken-hearted and those contrite in spirit.

I grieve for the wounds that I inflicted upon THY Heart. THOU gavest me life, but I repaid THEE with cursing. I sat atop the dunghill of pride and dared to issue forth fleshly edicts. In THY Mercy THOU didst come down and knock me off that tower of babel. By THY Grace didst THOU take me from Babylon. By THY Right Hand didst THOU lead me out of mine father’s house. Out of the house of idolatry didst THOU take me.

“Train me up in the way I should go,” did I beseech THEE at that time. THOU heardest my cry of repentance and answered me speedily. From the house of bondage unto the House of Holiness didst THOU bring me. I am a work of THY Hands. Set me forth in THY High Place that I may sing THEE a song. Before the LION and the LAMB do I lay down my crown.

FATHER YAHUVEH, THOU SOVEREIGN ROCK, into THY Hands commit I my spirit. Transform my heart and make it new. Let the old man die and my flesh be crucified. Set forth THY Word in the midst of the earth. Strengthen the feeble and bring comfort unto the vexed. With a humble heart may we come forth unto THY Throne. In the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, KING, and LORD of MAJESTY do we approach. Let THY FIERY RUACH HAKODESH burn within our inward parts. Lay waste to the habitations of dragons. Let there be no resting place found for the hypocrite and arrogant. Scatter them in the strength of their pride and bring their devices to naught.

We will set our eyes upon the HOLY ONE of Yisrael. So fair, so true are the Words that issue forth from HIS Mouth. Yea though our MESSIAH died, YAHUVEH raised HIM from the grave. Upon the Holy Rock of Zion doth HE stand.

With nail-pierced hands doth HE beckon unto HIS sheep and HIS lambs, “Come away with ME and I will show thee marvelous things. I AM the Salvation of Yisrael. From the times of old was it declared that I should come. Put not your faith in the troubled sea but instead look up. Look up for I, thy REDEMPTION, doth draw nigh.”

I will lift up mine eyes and see my desire. My BLESSED HOPE doth come! No matter the terror that flieth by night, no matter the destruction that wasteth by day, no matter the abomination that causeth desolation, my heart shall not fail. I put my trust in the ROCK of Yisrael.

OH ABBA YAHUVEH we give THEE the GLORY! Give me the words to speak to THY people. Let THY people be strengthened and not ashamed. By THY NAME we will put ten thousands to flight and overflow their strongholds. Align our hearts unto THY will. Set forth THY Beauty and blow the Clarion Call. Let the sun arise and the dew be vaporized. Let the works of THY Hands sing of THY GLORY! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan'el


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