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Look upon YAHUSHUA, not the storm! | Heavenly Manna

Look upon YAHUSHUA, not the storm! | Heavenly Manna

    FATHER YAHUVEH, the waves do surely beat against THY servant. Yet I am not above my MASTER, for against HIM also did the flood of the ungodly smite. If I suffer with HIM, I shall also reign with HIM. YAHUSHUA is my MASTER unto whom I owe my life. Truly belong I unto HIM, for HE bought me with a PRICE. HE didst bear my transgressions, enduring the strife. Away from THEE, ABBA YAHUVEH, didst HE never take HIS eyes. Blessed be my LORD and SAVIOUR who always did right! Blessed be my ROCK whom THOU didst from the grave make rise! THOU hast looked upon this servant and delivered him from his plight. Now do I go about, by THY Law learning, knowing it maketh one wise.

THOU hast made the earth to reel to and fro like a drunkard. All the nations are drunk with THY Wrath. They have turned aside unto vanity and idols. If they would have but turned from their wicked ways, they would not have suffered. Yet this THOU hast pre-ordained, for to show forth THY GLORY and POWER.

The darkness that doth cover the land symbolizes THINE Anger as THOU coverest THINE Eyes at the wicked ones’ destruction (Prophecy 36). OH ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU hast caused me to be, for such a time as this, born. If I will but hide mineself in THINE Ark, then will I be safe. Within THY Ark will I be made to rest above THY Wrath and to weather the storm. May it be that THY Law is continually before mine eyes. May it be bound about my neck and my wrists that I may be, to the image of THY SON, conformed.

Let only THY Grace wash over me and not the dark waters of despair. The years of darkness has THOU put away from me and out of mind all the days I mourned. Heavy garments of praise has THOU made me to joyfully wear! Upon THEE didst THOU teach me to cast all of my cares. Now go I up to Zion by the Breath of THY AIR! By THY Hand didst THOU lead me from out of the wolf’s lair! THOU heardest all my cries, supplications, and prayers! O YAHUVEH, THOU didst save me as THOU, with THY Right Hand, didst unto me swear!

Help me to keep my eyes on THEE, YAHUSHUA my LORD. Help me to stay focused and not be deceived by this world. Cause my faith to grow and unto THY Heart, my heart, bind by THY Three-fold Cord. I am thankful for the BLOOD which THOU didst from Calvary pour! THOU first came as a lamb for the slaughter. THOU wilt return as a lion with a Mighty Roar! Make me to know my place within THY Ranks that I be not displeasing to THY Order.

OH ABBA YAHUVEH, the enemy doth seek to snuff out THY Word from going forth. THOU wilt not suffer the wicked to overcome and THY saints to fall short. THOU wilt instead cut the time short and burn the wicked like as in the valley of Achor. Let praises be to THY NAME and the earth shout with joy! Let the saints rest in their beds and unto them be given a Two-Edged Sword! Let us laud HIS HOLY NAME and make a jubilant noise! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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