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Miracles of GOD | Heavenly Manna

Miracles of GOD | Heavenly Manna

    My FAITHFUL FRIEND and MESSIAH, every sort of affliction was laid upon THEE. THOU didst sacrifice THYSELF for to bring Redemption to humanity. We are but dust and THOU, the AWESOME CREATOR! Thank YOU my GOD for being the ETERNAL MEDIATOR!

ABBA YAHUVEH, my spirit is troubled. My bowels doth churn with sore vexation. Let not my works be as hay and stubble. My spirit is alarmed for lack of ease and relaxation. Help me, O YAHUVEH my GOD, to rest in the Ark of THY MESSIAH. Help me to cast these cares upon HIM. As a knife in my stomach, so doth feel this vexation. Grant me relief from the wicked and their affliction.

Say to my soul, “Come up hither and nest in the CLEFT of the ROCK.” THOU dost rule THY people with verity and judgment. THY Throne is Secure and mine humble abode. Count me worthy to stand before THEE without fault. Again, let not my works give way and erode. May THY NAME be GLORIFIED in all that I do. Let my tongue only taste THY Sweet TRUTH. Let my heart only beat for YOU.

Grant me the grace to endure in obedience. Grant me THY strength that I may mount up as an eagle. Grant me THY energy, for unto THEE is my allegiance. I shall wait upon YAHUVEH my GOD and be renewed by the Rising of HIS SON. HE doth come and HIS miracles are with HIM. HE shall deliver me according to the riches of HIS Goodness. I lean whole-heartedly upon the Staff of my MESSIAH. With HIS Rod doth HE whole-heartedly dash asunder all wickedness. My MESSIAH hath delivered me from the depths of dark waters. HE hath taken mine hand and led me through the midst.

There is no SHEPHERD like my GOD, for HE is a ROCK of Defense for all them that are weary. HIS NAME hath HE made as a Memorial unto all generations. HE hath had mercy on the generations of men. HE hath offered us Hope, a way out of eternal punishment. I trust my GOD to save me, for HIS Redemption is a YEA and AMEN! I have given HIM my heart, for HE is my Secure Haven. Let me not depart from THY Harbor. Let me abide in THY Cove, safe from the tempest and all trouble.

Let not my heart fail for fear, though all the seas do rage and roar. THOU art my GOD and in THEE is no variance. THOU art Steady and Secure. THOU keepest me humble, free from arrogance. Let not my heart err through pride. Let not my mind wander either to the left or to the right. THOU dost try my reins and keepest me in line. I am THINE and by the LAMB’S BLOOD, THOU art mine!

PRAISE be to the LIVING GOD YAHUVEH who hath made HIS SON to rise! PRAISE be to the LAMB who was slain but now is ALIVE! I wait upon THEE, my BLESSED HOPE, and with faith do hold on to THEE tight. Increase my faith that I be not ashamed at the mockers and scoffers. Command them, “Depart from ME ye workers of iniquity! Get out of MY Sight!”

In that Day, THOU shalt cause the flock of THINE inheritance to stand on THY Right. THOU shalt, by THY Grace, make us to rule in THY FATHER’S Light! Come O BLESSED ONE of YAHUVEH MOST HIGH! Come THOU KING of Kings and descend from the sky! Come THOU PROPHESIED ONE and gather us to THY Side! Let all righteousness be fulfilled! Let them not, one jot or tittle, override! For THY GLORY, so may it be. In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MESSIAH, make I this humble plea!

Prophet Natan’EL

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