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“MY GLORY you will see,” says YAHUSHUA | Heavenly Manna

“MY GLORY you will see,” says YAHUSHUA | Heavenly Manna

    O BELOVED MASHIACH, remove THOU the constraints of my flesh! Take away the dross and purge me throughly with THY Refining Faithfulness. Let THY Holy Fire torch my life of all that is not of THEE. I belong unto THEE, for by THY BLOOD am I redeemed, for by THY wounds was I set free! Blessed be THY Deliverance so gloriously!

Remove THOU the scales from mine eyes that I may look upon THY Face. Be of good cheer, for THOU hast made me THY vessel of clay. THOU hast rescued me from the trash heap of this world. THOU hast washed me and cleansed me with THY Living Waters. Ho! I come unto the Faithful Waterbrook to quench my panting heart. Unto THEE do I flow, for THOU art Worthy alone!

Take THOU the plugs from mine ears that I may hear THY Still Small Voice. MOMMA SHKHINYAH, speak to me the Words of MASHIACH that I may know HIS Way. Cause me not to be just a hearer but also a doer of THY holy and unfeigned Word. I incline my ears to the Voice of the HOLY ONE. I desire to hear YAHUVEH’S Only Begotten SON!

Blow thou the trumpet in Zion and let every man draw near. Call a holy assembly and forsake thy wickedness. Put on sackcloth and and rend thine heart. May it be that the KING of Israel will turn from the destruction HE hath purposed upon this place. Our abominations have come up before HIM and our secret ways hath HE discovered. Let the earth tremble and the heavens convulse! O MIGHTY ONE of Israel, the hills do melt down at THY Presence!

THOU art by our sins and transgressions very much repulsed! Have mercy on our souls, for our hearts have shown true repentance! We trust in the BLOOD of the LAMB and THOU we reverence!

Them who show not godly sorrow wilt THOU surely recompense. THOU dost not take the trampling of THY Word lightly. O YAHUVEH of hosts, execute THY Divine Sentence! Let not the blasphemers and wolves continue on judging not rightly! They conjure up wickedness and devour THY sheep nightly. THOU art not mocked and will show THYSELF as ALMIGHTY! Yea, THOU art AWESOME in THY POWER, AWESOME in THY GLORY, AWESOME and LOFTY! THOU dost inhabit eternity in the Fulness of TRUTH. O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, THOU art the Way, the Truth, and the Life! THOU art my Resurrection and Redeemer! Count me worthy that I may be taken unto THEE as THY wife!

Increase THOU my faith and take away this resistance. Blessed be THY NAME, for THOU hast granted me existence! THOU hast taken away the reproach of my widowhood and set me atop THY High Place. THOU hast granted me reprieve and delivered me from blood-guiltiness. THOU hast washed me and taken me for THINE own! I await with much hope and each day that THOU dost not come, do I grieve. Yet THOU hast promised never to me forsake or leave. THOU art with me and in SPIRIT and in TRUTH do I unto THEE cleave. Come, O BELOVED, and carry me away! I have purposed in my heart that nothing will from THEE, me bereave! The moon and the sun, the stars and the hosts, these cannot separate me from THEE. No, not the darkness of night or the brightness of day; nothing shall be able to separate me from THY Love so holy!

I lean upon THY Staff, for THOU art my Stay. THOU hast cause me to call upon THY Everlasting NAME. All they who call upon THEE shall not be ashamed. THOU art the FAITHFUL HOPE of Israel! Turn ye unto HIM, O ye sons of Jacob! Reject not any longer the Only TRUE MESSIAH! Help cometh not from the strength of thy men or of the necks of thine horses. Help cometh not from the speed of thy war machines or from thy vain counsel. Help cometh from out of Zion where the LAWGIVER doth reside! Put not your trust any longer in thy diviners of times or in thy deceived soothsayers. Put your trust in the TRUE PRINCE of PEACE! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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