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No Matter What Happens | Heavenly Manna (1)

No Matter What Happens | Heavenly Manna (1)

BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, strengthen THOU mine arms. They wax feeble in the noon day sun. Be THOU the lifter up of mine head. Set me atop THY High Places. Make me to lie down in THY Resting Place wherein I shall never want again.

THY NAME is my Hope, for in YAHUSHUA is my Salvation. Yea, HE is my Salvation, Shield, and Highly Exalted Fortress. Make me to dwell within THY Tent. THY Sanctuary is filled with the GLORY of THY Presence. THOU art HOLY, O LORD! THOU art MAGNIFICENT, SOVEREIGN KING! Put a bridle over my lips. Let me speak forth THY Fair Word and not dilute it. Let THY Word spring forth from my lips and perform the vow THOU hast made. Let THY NAME be exalted and every hill made low. Yea, let the dwellings of men and tyrants be made desolate.

My home is not this earth. I am in this world but not of this world. YAHUHSUA the MASHIACH hath gone before me and prepared the Way. Let my substance sing praises unto HIS NAME!

Let the Breath of THY Fury flow forth from THY Nostrils! Let the wicked perish and the tabernacle of the foolish be exposed to the very foundation thereof. They have built atop the sand dune, a highly polluted place. They set forth their abominations on their platforms and speak forth strange doctrine. Be THOU jealous for THY Word and cause the counsel of the wicked to be undone. With a stroke of THY Rod, dash asunder the vicious son.

THOU art HE who standeth above Jacob’s Ladder. By the anointing of THY SPIRIT will I ascend into Heaven. THOU art in this place, O LORD! Holiness becometh THY Tabernacle! THOU art fairer than the sun and more brilliant than the moon. All of creation is the work of THINE Hands. THOU holdest together every molecule, atom, and cell. THOU art the very POWER that keeps burning the torturous hell.

THOU art with those who call upon THY NAME in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. THOU wilt not let us go, for we are THY Remnant, called by THY NAME. Help us to dwell in the Presence of the UPRIGHT SON. We cast aside all complaints and delight not in the communications of back-biters.

We lay down our pride and pick up our cross. Take us to Calvary where we may lose our lives for MASHIACH. Take us from the Tomb that we may live for MASHIACH ever more.

HALLELUYAH!!! AMEN!!! My hope is in the Resurrection, for my KING is alive! As HE was raised, so will I should it be HIS will that I should die. Yet, I call upon the NAME of the LORD and seek HIS will. Let HIS TRUTH be burned into my inward parts.

THOU art AWESOME, O LORD of GLORY!!! Purify this humble servant and unto THEE unite my heart. Upon the altar of sacrifice, place I my all; everything that I am and everything that I am not. I dare to trust my DEAR ABBA YAHUVEH! HIS plans for me are for good, for in the poor in heart doth HE delight. A humble and contrite heart doth the LORD of GLORY delight in. HE will in no wise cast such a servant out.

Hear our hearts’ cry and give answer speedily. GLORIFY THY NAME and lift THINE countenance upon us. Stretch forth THINE Arms and draw us unto THY breast. Give us suck that we may be weaned. We set our eyes upon the HOLY ONE and are brought up in HIS Sight.

Teach us THY Way, O YAH, for the enemy doth speedily approach. We fear them not, for they are doomed. We fear THEE greatly, for this is the beginning of Wisdom. THOU hast power to destroy both body and soul in hell.

Be pleased to glorify THY NAME in us, for we are THY people. Though a woman forget her sucking child, yet will THOU never forget us. Let THY Love purify this living temple. Let THY Word go forth from Zion and subdue the nations. Rule THOU in the midst of the earth and make the heathen to lick the dust.

Blessed be our ABBA YAHUVEH, for HE is the TRIUMPHANT KING of hosts! Return MASHIACH, RETURN! Ride THOU swiftly upon the wings of the cherub and come! Deliver THY people, for unto THEE do we run! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!


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