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OH GOD, YOU provide me with LIFE! | Heavenly Manna

OH GOD, YOU provide me with LIFE! | Heavenly Manna

    BLESSED TRINITY, heal me of my languishing. Sometimes I walk by flesh instead of faith. At times do I observe the wind and regard the clouds. THOU hast warned that they who do such are fools and shall reap no good thing. Heal me of my backsliding and cause me to in THY Hand trust. I know THOU art FAITHFUL and will in no wise out me thrust. Truly do I cry out to THEE and will render unto THEE the fruit of true repentance.

O my BELOVED MASHIACH, THY Word hath caused THY servant to rejoice. In a land of drought and famine do I live, yet hast THOU brought me sustenance. THOU hast made me to fill mine house with a joyful noise. Unto THEE do I give GLORY! Unto THY Throne do I make supplication! With THEE is Mercy and Grace for all they who come in and through THY NAME and SHED BLOOD. In THEE only have I Salvation, for THOU art my ATONEMENT. THOU hast from sin and death delivered me, by THY SACRIFICE. May it be that upon THY Garment I hang on tight with the measure of faith THOU hast so mercifully given me.

ABBA YAHUVEH, THY Right Hand hath gotten THYSELF the VICTORY! And all they who trust in HIM shall not be ashamed. HE shall come and do valiantly! HE is our CAPTAIN, for THOU hast made HIM to sit at THY Right Hand. THOU hast called YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH to make intercession for us. Thank YOU BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH for not leaving us to our sins! Thank YOU for showing us the better way of wisdom!

We laud THY Holy Throne and clap our hands at the GREAT DELIVERANCE THOU hast unto mankind offered! GLORY and HONOR, BLESSINGS and MIGHT be unto our LORD GOD YAHUVEH and HIS SON! Let the heathen rage, for by their own devices shall they perish. By their own wicked schemes shall they be undone! Our GOD YAHUVEH is GREAT and taketh those who deem themselves wise in their own craftiness. HE confounds them in their vain knowledge and shows that HE alone is the Tree of Life.

What shall I do? My right hand tells me to follow after righteousness. My left hand speaks of sinfulness and is greedy for vanity. In great fear and trembling do I work out my own Salvation knowing that there is a hell to pay for unrepented sin. O DADDY YAHUVEH, help me not to turn back to the vomit of my youth! Help me to walk the straight and narrow that I may enter Heaven’s Gates. YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH hath gone before me and was tested in all ways. HIS foot slipped not once. HE hath imparted to me HIS SPIRIT by which HE did overcome.

O IMMAYAH, teach me the Upright Path of MASHIACH that I may from HIM not stray. There is no time for prodigal living. Waste and want do I desire not to feed. Only obedience is acceptable unto THEE. Only faith in action will THY Throne please. Increase THOU mine faith and make me to from THY perspective see. Once my youth was spent in whoredoms and ease, but by THY Loving Chastisement have I been made to from this cease. PRAISE be to THY NAME, for THOU hast me cleaned! THOU hast my soul caused to be as a child weaned!

FAITHFUL YAHUVEH MOST HIGH, THOU hast proved THYSELF in all ways to be the GREAT “I AM.” THOU hast not ever failed me, but instead unto THINE heart made mine to beat. THOU hast given me the SPIRIT of VICTORY, not of retreat. All they who shrink back shall be damned. They shall be burned in hell by the most fervent heat. Make mine heart to consume THY Fresh Meat. May it never be that I act cowardly. I thank YOU for the BLOOD of the LAMB upon the Mercy Seat. Look THOU upon me through HIS BLOOD with which HE hath washed my feet. Call not to remembrance mine iniquity. Gather me into THY Barn when I am as ripe wheat.

I bow before THY Throne, knowing that I am but dust. I give THEE the GLORY for perfuming me with the Fragrance so sweet. May it be that I am counted worthy to THEE in the air meet. THOU hast roused me from my slumber, from my sleep. THOU hast my spirit, from mortality, delivered and set free! Come YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, COME! May this be the year of Jubilee!!! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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