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Pray to escape GOD’S soon coming Wrath! | Heavenly Manna

Pray to escape GOD’S soon coming Wrath! | Heavenly Manna

    O BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, please forgive me. Forgive me for casting the gaze of mine eyes upon the wavering sea. Forgive me for vexing my soul and most of all THEE. Mine heart did almost faint by unto the great waters giving heed. THOU alone art my expectation; yea, the cord-strengthened-three. THOU hast by THY Mercy pulled me up upon the GREAT ROCK. Mine hope in HIM was re-established and my mind set free. Let it be that I am as one planted in HIS Garden, yea a righteous tree!

Blessed be my MESSIAH by whom THOU hast my soul set apart from iniquity! My sins and transgressions didst THOU lay upon HIM in totality. HE was crushed and bruised for the rising of many. HE was executed at the stake erected on Hill Calvary. By reason of HIS Righteousness didst THOU HIM arise triumphantly! HALLELUYAH!!! HE was sacrificed for my wickedness that I may live in Heaven eternally!

O BLESSED LAMB that was slain but now is alive, THOU dost for me make petition and intercede. THOU sittest before the FATHER and doth for me plead. For no other reason dost THOU do this except to show THY Love for me. I do not deserve the Life that THOU didst for me bleed. Before THOU didst find me, I was immersed in all manner of greed. The lusts of the flesh did I seek to fulfill, for that was my creed. Yet, THOU didst choose me for to serve in THY KINGDOM.

THY Word didst THOU plant in my heart as one that doth sow seed. Yea, THOU didst in my heart sow THY Seed incorruptible. Please rain on me THY GLORY, for THOU alone do I need. Pour forth THY Living Waters and quench my soul thirsty. Arise upon me THOU SON of the MOST HIGH and dry up my tears. I stretch forth toward THEE, seeking only the Light of THY Day. THOU dost shine forth in Righteousness, making all my thoughts clear.

Give me not over unto reproach, for THY servant doth in THEE stay. I abide in THY Garden where I want no good thing or fear. O my MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM, THOU art my Life, Resurrection, and Way! O my MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM, THOU art to my heart so dear! O my MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM, THOU hast caused me to arise from the clay! I bless THY HOLY NAME for giving me THINE unfeigned Grace!

THOU hast ordained to from hell me spare. If I but use my faith I will finish this race. Let me not be disqualified from the High Calling and be to THEE a disgrace. I pray to be counted worthy and run according to THY Pace. This life has treated me sorely and ’tis a sign I am not of this place. Yea, I have been treated as trash, even a nutcase. Rejected am I by those who once sought the prosperity of my face. They have turned on me for my love for THEE and have even become reprobate.

Yet, I know that I am not above THEE, for the servant is not above his lord. I no longer weep, for they didst themselves choose this fate. I am in awe at THY Mercy which THOU hast upon me poured. THOU hast filled this THY living temple with THY GLORY’S weight. Let my life be unto THEE a living sacrifice, for unto THEE do I it consecrate. By THY BLOOD have I been given a second chance for to enter in the Straight Gate. THOU didst by THY OFFERING give me a clean slate. By THY BLOOD will I soon live in a glorified state. Please may it be that I am found worthy on that date. May I be deemed ready and not at all late.

I live for THEE, my MESSIAH, THOU who art so GREAT! I love THEE, YAHUSHUA my MESSIAH, and THY Coming do I with much expectation anticipate! May it be that my love for THEE doth not grow cold or even in the slightest abate! Soon THOU wilt come and enter through that Golden Gate! THY KINGDOM come and THY WILL be done, O ABBA YAHUVEH, and not mine at any rate. In THINE Only Begotten SON’S NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, do I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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