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Prophecy 117 "The Equation of ONENESS"

Given to Prophet Natan'el for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received Shabbat Friday night on August 20, 2021

during praise/worship

Prophetic Message Begins

MY children, come to ME. Come to the waters and know life. Where ever the River flows, there is life. Be not like Naaman who resisted. The course of life flows according to MY way and not yours.

Water shed event. Water shed moment. Miss not your visitation, for you know not how I bend the river or where it flows next. Go not according to your way. Trust ME in all MY ways. Trust and see. Taste and see. Walk according to faith, for this is your riches, your honor - to know ME, that I AM ELOHIM ALMIGHTY and there is no other. To know that I AM with you. Is there anything greater?

So many are tossed to and fro as the sand upon the beaches. Turned this way and that with no real purpose other than the lusts, the desires of their flesh. Completely at the whim of the devil. But that is why I need you, MY children, to reach the seven churches and those besides, those beyond. To preach MY Word - the Will of ELOHIM.

So seek MY Order and be in Order. Seek and ye shall find. You do not understand or I would not tell you to seek. It is that simple. Understand and know who it is that speaks with thee.

I AM GOD ALMIGHTY. The ONE who turns back the tide and contains the abyss. I AM ELOHIM ALMIGHTY. The ALEPH and the TAV. I AM the beat of your heart and the breath of your lungs. Do not under estimate ME, MY children. I AM is your life, your down-sitting and your up-rising if you will allow. If you will allow, for I will not cross your will.

Set the table. Take seat at MY table. Argue not amongst yourselves who is the greatest. Do you know who is the greatest? I AM! So sit in order. Sit in your rank and follow MY command. Amen?

All of you are equal. Know this. I do have rank but that does not mean one is better than the other. Just different responsibilities, different seasons and yet ONE. For is not the year made up of many seasons, many times? One menorah and yet made up of many branches giving one light.

It is about ONENESS, MY children. Are you getting the equation? How is your arithmetic, MY children? This is elementary, elemental, basic principles of the Kingdom. If you cannot handle this, how can you handle heavenly arithmetic - quantum physics and beyond?

MY children, watch ME. Do as I do. Follow in the foot steps of the ALEPH and the TAV, for THEY translate into the physical realm what I show in spirit so you can understand and do. Be obedient, for this is the key of success. In all your doings, do! And disobey not.

End of Word

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