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Prophecy 518 Purim is All for YEHOVAH'S Glory

Given to Prophet שלמה for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on March 24, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 14 Adar II 5784

Prophetic Message


YOU, FATHER YEHOVAH are ELOHIM and CREATOR, Mighty and glorious in battle and perfect in all YOUR ways. YOU are worthy to praised, our LORD! YOU are worthy to be praised!

Zeal for YOUR house, MY FATHER YEHOVAH, MY ELOHIM, consumed ME, saith YOUR SON YESHUA. I often would walk the temple, rubbing and sliding MY fingers over the walls of the temple, admiring and rejoicing in the glory of YOUR throne, even through the walls. MY peots were long for they  attention of the teachers, the scribes and the Pharisees for I was full of questions in MY Youth.  I was in search of YOU, MY FATHER YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. 

I, YESHUA was after YOUR heart for Yoseph and Miriam, MY earthly parents came searching for ME, and I laugh even to this day. For the spanking I received for doing so was deserved but I was looking for YOU, MY FATHER YEHOVAH. To see YOU, to find YOU, for I thought continually for an opportunity to get to know THEE. I, YESHUA, was in learning but YOUR Hand was upon ME, I see now, oh mankind, I sit at the right hand of all power, the LORD YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. 

When Esther approached the King, in whom the LORD YEHOVAH dwelt, a layer of HIS Soul, the princes of the Kingdom were also gathered. The KING’s sons sat before the face of the KING, and when the King raised His scepter to Esther it was also to teach HIS sons how HE ruled. With power and might and iron, and mercy and because of this Our GOD YEHOVAH blessed His Kingdom so that it became great on the Earth. The greatness of HIS Kingdom, was because the LORD YEHOVAH had come down to rule through Him. 

Mordecai did not rise in a Kingdom of darkness, even if thee mankind do not understand, as Yoseph did not rise in a Kingdom of darkness, as the Hebrew children in the days of Nebuchadnezzar. For ye, MY people, do not know what took place in the spiritual realm. You did not see the transfer of  authority, title, deed, seats of power in the Heavenlies from darkness to light. Wrath arose against the people and individuals of the LORD YEHOVAH, MY FATHER because the spiritual crowns were taken and powers of darkness were being cast out of their rule. It will be again for the evil one has come down to you oh man and so are evil powers coming to you, oh world, because they were cast out of the Heavenlies and their seats of power were given over to the souls of MY FATHER YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. 

Did not I, YESHUA not say Satan does not cast out Satan but only the power of GOD? And I say the Kingdom of MY FATHER YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY has come. 

All heaven celebrates THEE, Our FATHER YEHOVAH in heaven and on Earth for Purim is all for YOUR glory, Our LORD YEHOVAH, saith YOUR SON YESHUA. 

End of Word



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