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Prophecy 516 MY Word Is Seamless, Flawless; Perfect Is It in All Its Fashion

Given to Prophet אברהם for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on December 15-17, 2022 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 21-24 Kislev 5783

Prophetic Message


MY Word is seamless, flawless; perfect is it in all its fashion. MY Word sustains all things, it is the glue that holds all things together – all of creation. By MY Word I have created all things; both the invisible and visible realms. I have ordained that by MY Word is nothing made that can be made. So that in all things, HE gets the pre-eminence.

MY creation is vast, innumerable and vastly unexplored. But for MY glory are they created to serve I, YEHOVAH! HALLELU YAH!

Only stay your gaze upon I YEHOVAH, your FATHER. Without ME children, ye are nothing. You all need ME, and one another. I AM your all in all. Hope, rejoice in I, YEHOVAH your FATHER always! Sing a song to I, YEHOVAH, give ME glory dear beloved children! Know shalom all your days! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

YEHOVAH, HE is like none other. Because, really, who can be compared to HIM? From HIS coming forth, HE is unique and to HIS going out. Numbered are all the days of those HIS counsel they despise. HE has seen it all. Victory HE beholdeth in the palm of HIS hands. Destruction of evil is before HIS eyes.

No plan shall succeed against HIM. No tongue that rises up in judgment against HIM shall prosper. Neither have they that have tried. HE has hidden mysteries, and great counsel and great and marvellous things in the simple things, in babes of nature. That HIS ways are understood not. The enemies cannot fathom. Though they may think they have a grasp of it, they only deceive themselves.

HE shall rout them out as on a stake out! It shall be as an ambush! Settling down in peace – an illusion thereof, HE shall quash them in HIS sore displeasure! For such has HE prepared the destruction of Gehinom and all HIS instruments of destruction.

YEHOVAH’S ways are beyond finding out! They see not the whole picture. Even in part they do not see. For in them is no counsel, no wisdom, no light. Only darkness and deception is all that is found within them. Twisted and perverted is their way and thinking. Their way of mind is crooked, warped. In darkness they are and through dark glasses they see. Truly they see not – only illusions of the mind. It’s as a thirsty man in the desert, his tongue patched up in his mouth, beholds an oasis before him, he cometh to it and lo, and behold, still more sand and desert! So are these, who from I, YEHOVAH and YESHUA, are cut off!

They conceive vain things in the mind as to defeat THE CREATOR of the whole world, the created realms!

It’s an illusion beloved children that this world under the force of darkness walks in. So blinded to reality – that is, MY reality! How I see it all, before ME bright as day and there’s nothing hidden before MY sight. HALLELU YAH! Understanding is taken from them. Good sense too! The good they should hold onto; they hold their nose up against.

Yes, children, as it is written, like the pangs, the labour pangs of a woman cometh over her suddenly, so shall I rise upon them; this wicked world! I shall shock them with MY LIGHT! MY Wrath and Vengeance will be revealed upon the face of the Earth! Woe unto all those found not hiding under MY Ark sanctuary! With a vengeance shall I come upon them brighter than the noon-day sun! They shall be blinded, blasted by the coming breath of MY presence alone! Into oblivion shall the corrupted be cast; they and all their leaders! HALLELU YAH!

Rejoice in ME all ye MY children! Celebrate! Sing aloud for joy! Proclaim it to all high and low, THE KING is COME unto HIS HOUSE, unto HIS DWELLING has HE come! HALLELU YAH! To bring forth Righteousness and Justice, to cause it to spring forth unto all the ends of the Earth! To declare the year of the Jubilee to all those oppressed and heavy laden! To proclaim HIS JUDGEMENTS upon the Earth; upon the wicked of the Earth! HALLELU YAH! Amen. Selah.

End of Word



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