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Prophecy 434 MOTHER URIYAH says YEHOVAH THOU ART MY lover and MY hope and joy

Given to Prophet  שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on January 21, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 11 Sheva 5784

Prophetic Message


Oh I, YEHOVAH will to prepare a banquet before you in the presence of your enemies, but you allowed them at your table, Israel, and called these muslims your friends, for see them now, their loyalty lies with the hatred of their forefathers for all Muslims are bound by blood covenants. 

I, YEHOVAH said each time they spill blood, it is laid upon the altar of devils to bring forth more evil. Each time they shed blood, they become bound even more by devil to do his will. 


MY Great and GLORIOUS HUSBAND, YEHOVAH, thou art MY lover and MY hope and joy. YOU war as the KING, GENERAL and CAPTAIN over YOUR Armies and YOU do so not only for earth but for all Heaven. When YOU give YOUR voice before YOUR Armies, eternal fires are kindles in all hearts. The fire to accomplish the will of their CREATOR, YOU, OUR LORD YEHOVAH, and MY HUSBAND. 

The nations think the best is now, but it is a fallen world, how can it be oh world? Israel was made a dwelling place for I, URIYAH, by MY HUSBAND. You seek yet to destroy MY sanctuary? And you oh Israel, your streets are flooded with iniquity. Your activists, your demonstrators, demonstrate and shout loudly because they know in their spirits, they are not heard before the throne of MY HUSBAND and GOD. They know they cannot even open the court doors of Heaven to make a petition for they fight against Heaven. So they pressure their leaders to bring forth more ‘woke’ policies. But the only awakened within them is the devil, and his master. Any who sympathize with Islam sympathize with the anti mashiach for what different message proceeds from his lips?  Islam rises for one purpose, the destruction of Israel, shall he chant any differently oh world? Who do you think organizes the rebellion against Heaven?

Islam is the chariot he rides upon. He is the king of rebellion and he exalts himself greater than his chariot, horse and men who serve him. The Catholic Church shall soon show a greater support for Islam and call for an official merging, integrating of Islam into government, schools, and churches. Protect your homes, children of the LORD YEHOVAH, OUR children, for the day cometh as it was in the days of Moses. The land shall not be protected, but only the homes covered in the blood of MY HUSBAND AND MY SON YESHUA. 

End of Word



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