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Prophecy 489 I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY But I Have Come Down to the CREATION

Given to Prophet  שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on February 18, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 9 Adar I 5784

Prophetic Message


It was a time of great war. The powers of the darkness understood not the meaning of creation. They understood not the great honor it was to be formed by I, YEHOVAH’s hand. To be thought of by their CREATOR, conceived in thought. To be brought forth by MY CREATIVE hands is an honor for in the mind of I, YEHOVAH I have many elements of creation that cry out within MY mind and heart, and within MY womb longing to be created for at the period of time of conception within MY mind, they have already been given life. I give life to MY thoughts 7 days after I conceive them even though they have not been created yet. 

Just as when a baby is born, he is born into the world having little understanding of all things. It isn't that the baby is unwise but rather all creation after I gave birth is as a baby. To I, YEHOVAH all the wisdom that I put in all that have been created are still as a baby who knows nothing. 

So were the rulers of the darkness when they first birthed and first made rulers of light. And I had wished to show mercy. All creation when I give birth are as a baby looking with the eyes and only beginning to observe what is around him. 

Oh leaders of the Earth, presidents and prime ministers thou create weapons of mass destruction but I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY say your greatest nuclear bomb is as a puff of smoke in the lake of fire. Do you not observe the sun? One bursting flame can devour planets, do you not consider it? Do you not consider that you have not made the sun nor anything around you and naked you came into the world and naked you leave? At the end of your lives, you shall see how vain your works have been against the CREATOR, I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY.

Oh leaders of nations, instead of creating new computers to channel evil powers you have no idea of, pick up pencil and paper and write all the things you do not know. I tell thee surely, from just one paper front and back you shall see that thou knowest nothing. 

Thou perceive ME, I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, because you do know ME, as one is of old and not in tune with your modern days. I created the Earth and I gave her her length of days from the beginning to the end when I make all things new. 

It is thee who withholds the blessing from yourself. The blessing of being part of the New Age of I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY to come. The blessing of being a part of the new mankind. I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY tell thee surely I shall thrust thee out from humanity all together if you take the mark of Satan. 

In the end, you will wish you were a beast of the field, or a tree in the ground, a rock by a river, when you realize how great a salvation you threw away. 

I say to you children of men, and to the children leaders of the children of rebellion, the rebellion of men who are but children and babies in the knowledge of creation, stop throwing stones at one another. I speak to the nations that have built their weapons and are evil for thou knowest not how I,YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY record thee.

Thou climbest a mountain of knowledge and yet you do not know the heights of it nor what is on the top. At the top is I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY but I have come down to the CREATION. I give thee only a comparable description to what you can understand, oh man, I descended many light years to the place to where I would begin to create, how great is your CREATOR, I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY.

End of Word



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