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Prophecy 494 I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY Have Shown Thee Oh Nations

Given to Prophet  שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on March 2, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 22 Adar I 5784

Prophetic Message


As the elections draw nigh, remember MY son Donald Trump, MY people, around the world. Some nations, cities and towns have experienced natural disasters, flooding, earthquakes, and many homes have been destroyed. I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, have done this to give mankind a chance to build on rock rather than the sand they have spent their entire lives building on. I send the disasters so that man begins to live for eternal things rather than a temporary life on earth. Why do you think I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, have made all things to repeat itself underneath the sun? I have made life vain for those who seek a life apart from the will of I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. 

I send the waters early to many to realize they have built on sand. I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY have even allowed the invasion of men and women into the United States so that people will have a driving force, a desire to fight for their country for spiritually it has been under oppression. So I allow physical economic trouble, disasters, and various kinds of oppression so the USA awakens spiritually as well. Donald Trump is the vessel I have chosen but turn your gaze to I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY who alone can save. 

So these invaders have already begun to spill blood in a land that is foreign to them, the USA. I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY have allowed this spilling of blood, to represent and to show the blood that is spilling already in the land by your leaders. Those who casted lots for Joe Biden, at first you did it ignorantly for many and I know the degree of ignorance each man and woman is currently but now I say your vote for Joe Biden will be as a prayer for the mark of Satan to be put upon your foreheads. For I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY have shown thee oh nations and especially ye citizens of the USA, the evil agenda for these evil men do the will of satan their god. 

I show thee by people who invade your country that when the mark comes people shall be changed. No longer will mankind have love for their fellow man, nor will they seek the others' benefit. But they will be a people of a different mind, a different morality, caring for themselves. 

Many shall take the mark of Satan . They shall take it to save their families, to save their children and babies, to save their own lives from hunger or homelessness, from fear from foreign enemies desperate for protection. They shall take the mark for health care, sexual pleasure, in order to rest or sleep soundly so they think. They shall take the mark to follow the crowd, to please others, for their esteemed jobs in this world. They shall take the mark for ‘free money’. In the mark of satan are spells of alchemy that will convert the remaining gold and silver within your souls into physical wealth. Your souls, rebellious mankind, shall immediately become bankrupt, corrupted and impoverished even if you are rich physically, if you take the mark. Commerce began in the Heavenlies. How do you think satan will pay for the power of the mark? Everything has a price but I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY own all things and I AM able to pay the price and cause thee, mankind, and to prosper in ME for all who come to ME.

End of Word



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