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Prophecy 502 And Ye Shall Be Called the Children of Your FATHER

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on December 13, 2022 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 19 Kislev 5783

Prophetic Message


Confession is made unto repentance, MY children. Practice it, walk in it and go and preach it forth unto the nations! Let them hear HIS voice, the voice of יהוה המלך [YEHOVAH HAMELECH – YEHOVAH The KING], The Exalted ONE! HALLELU YAH! Dear beloved children, beautiful ye are, I see the wonderful works that YEHOVAH thy FATHER, worketh in thee and it is marvelous! HE is changing you from glory to glory! O MY children, if only you could see it! You will shine like HE! Glow as HE does! And ye shall be called the children of your FATHER. Like FATHER like son.

Attend to HIS footsteps daily. Attend to HIS words, HIS wisdom and prosperity ye shall know always. Your FATHER prepares a banquet feast before you beloved children, in the presence of thy enemies! When it shall be ready, it shall be presented, it shall be made manifest! They shall gnash their teeth, grind them to no avail! Ye shall prevail over and above them always, above and above shall ye be always! Over and above them shall ye always be as lower and lower they get! HALLELU YAH! Ye shall be the head and not the tail! Ye shall lend and ye shall not borrow! HALLELU YAH! Give praise to יהוה המלך [YEHOVAH HAMELECH – YEHOVAH The KING]!!! For HE is worthy of all the praise due to HIM! HALLELU YAH!

Stand ye firm in this dear beloved children, ye are children of the KING, ye are one, ONE with your FATHER and one with one another! HALLELU YAH! A three chord bond who can break? And how much more a bond, bonded in and about by YEHOVAH HIMSELF MY children! Do you see? HALLELU YAH!!! Glory to you YEHOVAH on HIGH who has ordained such wonderful mysteries upon the face of this MY Earth! HALLELU YAH! YOU are well deserving of all the honour, of all the praise, of the glory, of all the riches, and power, and victory, and blessing! HALLELU YAH! I LOVE YOU MY KING, YEHOVAH, אלוהינו [ELOHEINU – Our GOD]! HALELLU YAH!

Sing praises upon the lyre unto the KING, GOD MOST HIGH! Worship YEHOVAH on this HIS HOLY HILL! Praise HIM all ye nations! Wake up Earth and worship the KING, you HIS footstool! Arise from the dust ye mountains and bring Glory unto the KING, the ONLY EVERLASTING ONE! HALLELU YAH!

Sing praises, bring worship unto HIS HOLINESS, THE MOST HIGH GOD, ye everlasting hills! Know your place ye insects of the Earth and bring THE KING, all that is due HIS HOLY NAME! HALLELU YAH! Worship HIM all the Earth! For HE is GREAT and GREATLY to be Praised! HE is Worthy! HE is HOLY! HE is אחד [EKHAD – ONE]! HE is ONE! HALLELU YAH!

Shout, proclaim it from the rooftops! Proclaim it in the streets, ‘The KING is come!’ Sing, shout ‘HALLELU YAH!’ to the EVERLASTING ONE! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

End of Word



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