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Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on March 18, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 8 Adar II 5783

Prophetic Message


The world doesn't realize this because their eyes are blind but it is only because of the blessings of MY hands do they live, and move and can prosper in anything, anything mankind does. But did not MY SON YESHUA say, give to Caesar what is Caesars and GOD what is GOD’s? Thou owe taxes to the MOST HIGH, I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, oh world. And how do you pay the MOST HIGH, when I own all things, the cattle on a thousand hills? Give thanks and love in the capacity that I have given thee, and for all who love ME, I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, all things work together for your good. 

But I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY provide thee oh man protection in ways you cannot comprehend, provision, and it is also MY joy to do good to the creation of MY hands. But as a landowner, or a governor, I also expect a return for the service from MY government to a people, to a creation. 

Satan steals from many in this world. But I also say, there is a legality to his works. For he cannot do anything I do not allow. 

I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY AM the GREAT PHYSICIAN. I bring healing to MY body, and restoration. As a patient in a hospital,  I know, for I AM the very definition of order and organization, I know MY list of patients and the order of care to each one, each child, each soul that I have made. Many do not realize they wait in line. Though I used MY SON YESHUA to heal many, all was MY timing. I knew the timing that I would release one from the oppression and heal the individual, especially the soul. 

Your GOD heareth, oh mankind, but in the same time, yes I speak of MY desire to heal the nations, I also wound. And I kill MY enemies. For I AM balanced in all things. There is no better health care thou can receive like in the hospital of I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY and MY angels learn more and more about the conditions of mankind, perform their research. They find cures and discuss it in the kingdom of Heaven but the answer is from ME. It is MY glory to conceal a matter and the glory of Kings to search it out. All is for MY glory. Living for MY glory, oh man, is as orderly as the rotation of earth on its axis and its revolution around the sun.

End of Word



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