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Prophecy 512 By Music, I Bring About Harmony and Unity; The Perfection of Beauty

Given to Prophet אברהם for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on December 14, 2022 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 20 Kislev 5783

Prophetic Message


Honor one another in the heart daily. Exalt one another daily above yourselves in your hearts and be not lifted up in haughtiness against one another. Ye are one another’s keeper. MY love charges you so. Not to abandon one another to their own devices, but in love to care and to cherish the other and their well-being.

The beauty of harmony is found in ME, I, YEHOVAH, your BELOVED FATHER. Harmony is in MY Music. By music, I bring about harmony and unity; the perfection of beauty. MY love accomplished. In unity is strength, MY Strength! Everything becomes aligned, every cell in the mind, everything flows in perfect formation. There is no room for intrusion. And that is why the evil one couldn’t penetrate through to those whom listened to MY voice, to MY music – the sound I played in their hearts and minds. I held them together. I held them in shalom. Calm they stood, and MY courage overflowed them. And the battle they won, hands down! HALLELU YAH!

Listening to I, YEHOVAH, thy wonderful and most PRECIOUS FATHER, is a sure way to Victory! HALLELU YAH! Only by ME do all overcome. Stay attentive to MY voice. Hear MY voice and KNOW MY Voice. I never lead astray. I AM THE SAME Yesterday, today and forever more! HALLELU YAH! MY shalom only comes to those whose ear is MINE. Who have trained their ear for ME only to listen, to stay attentive.

I bless only those who MY SOUL they bless. MY delight is in those who are MINE; those whose hearts are alway lifted up unto ME. Their desire is alway unto ME. I AM blessed by such an soul. Their souls are given over to right living, alway inclining to what is good. These bless MY SOUL out of this darkened world. The world is darkened, yes, dark as pitch, but MY LIGHT shines, MY LIGHT penetrates through, also way through unto the crevices of the heart and soul. To illuminate the being that to Light inclines; that to Light is its desire! HALLELU YAH!

The Earth is darkened. And all may seem lost in despair, but MY plan of Salvation, MY plan of Deliverance, matches through at unexpected times! But to the soul that is faithful, to the soul that to ME cleaves, they are not entirely unexpected! For he waits upon I, YEHOVAH, with high expectancy! Looking to HIS GOD, the sure promise of HIS ELOHIM, yes, I, YEHOVAH! And sure enough! MY promises tarry not! MY answer lingers not! It comes bursting forth, riding forth as on a glorious chariot – a triumphant entry! HALLELU YAH! Nothing, no one can stop MY man and or woman of faith! Nothing can stop them! HALLELU YAH!

You believe, and I perform, according to your faith – MY will established. Not any other way. I AM FAITHFUL, I AM TRUE. You can take it to the bank and cash it! HALLELU YAH!

Stand in Awe of I YEHOVAH, your FATHER and ELOHIM! Stand in Awe of MY Works! Marvel at your KING! Give HIM Glory! HE is due every drop of it! HALLELU YAH! Who can endure the Day of HIS Coming? When HE comes, by HIS 7 to Judge the Earth! HALLELU YAH! Give Glory to YEHOVAH, ELOHIM MOST HIGH, EL ELYON, for HE comes to Judge the Earth in Righteousness and Truth to establish it! HALLELU YAH! Amen. Selah!

End of Word



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