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Prophecy 105 "You Must Decrease and I Must Increase"

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received Shabbat Friday night on September 3, 2021

during praise/worship

Prophetic Message Begins

The solitude of wisdom is the solace of peace. When you gain MY understanding, you gain all peace. That does not mean you will understand all things in any given moment but the measure given, you will understand that "yea and amen" is sufficient, is enough.

So enough of yourselves and more of ME, all of ME. You must decrease and I must increase. Learn the lesson of John the Baptist. Learn and be not afraid. I know who cares, who will care. Mark them for ME, oh METATRON, KEEPER of the books of Heaven.

MY counsel/council is MY own and I share not with any other. I will not be polluted in the midst of thee, oh Israel. Take heed to these warnings, MY little ones, beloved ones. Soon I will strike forth on the right and on the left. A thousand shall fall at thy side, oh little ones, and ten thousand at thy right hand. Be not among their party.

So sure are they that they keep Torah, but it is merely a facade, a mask. The pharisees will go on being pharisees. Nothing has changed. The snake cannot change its scales no matter how many times it sheds its skin. Be not fooled, oh little ones. They come with flattering words, seducing, but war is in their hearts. Can you expect anything less from a brood of vipers? As it was then, so it is now.

Be not fooled by the outer appearance. I judge not according to flesh but righteousness - the ALEPH and the TAV. Hear ME roar, for I rip the masks off these charlatans. Many shall come and many shall go. Judge them not but leave that to ME I, YEHOVAH. Keep your hands innocent of the wrath. Allow the waters to cover thee, to purge thee. I must get MY Bride ready. She slumbers, but by the fear of YAH I will awaken her. By the kiss of the elements, of the element of love I will shake her awake. Then she shall no more turn her gaze.

I, YESHUA, stand perfect. I, METATRON, stand perfect. Doorkeepers are WE, guarding the Heart of the FATHER, for not just anyone can enter in. The FATHER is love and to know GOD is to be as HE is. So stand perfect with ME and enter the gates of paradise. Ascend the crystal road and bathe in the waters of METATRON. I, YEHOVAH, say so.

End of Word



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