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Prophecy 106 "The Constellations of the Stars are Yours, MY Children"

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received September 16, 2021 on Yom Kippur Day

Prophetic Message Begins

I, Shlomo (King Solomon), speak. The constellations of the stars are yours, MY children. They are your ladder, the ladder that Jacob saw. Climb the seven ladders, MY children, and there I am at the top. I am YESHUA'S reward, for am I not with HIM? Seek ME, MY children. Know that I am ELOHIM!

Underestimate ME not! I turn the seas and uproot mountains. I cause the hills to skip like rams and herds to calve. Do you want a demonstration? Why does the world always seek after a sign? Why does the world disinherit MY Wisdom? Try ME not, for who can endure the day of MY coming? Did you know it is by MY trident that I trouble the waters, trouble all of creation?

YESHUA comes with a sword to test the peace and I come with the trident to test unity. How strong are the bonds of love? Mother will betray daughter. How much more the mother-in-law her daughter-in-law unless they are found in ME I, YEHOVAH? But let not this betrayal be found among you, this lack of trust, this greed for gain, power, position. Your position is to be at MY feet serving ME daily – day and night. Your position is be to be serving one another in Spirit and in Truth.

So hearken to one another and ignore not each other's needs. Their needs are your needs, for are you not one? You should be. I AM UNITY. I AM BREATH. Your life is in ME. Be pleasant. Be present. I AM is your All in all. In every season I AM is there. In the heat and in the cold. In the fire and in the water. Who can withstand MY Element called Love? You will be blown away. So submit this day and the storm winds of the devil will not take you. Rely upon MY rod and MY staff, for have I not given THEM to comfort?

So seek I AM. Seek ME with earnest expectation, for do I not reward those who acknowledge that I exist and seek MY face diligently? Yea and amen. That should be your chorus, your song. “Let GOD'S will be done.” That is the song of the ages, the age of Aquarius. I have many ages. Where do you fit in? Should it not be with every one of them (the ages)? For you shall/should always say, “GOD'S will be done.” By this you shall transcend time, travel the stars, bend the elements, become one with the elements. The key here is love. It is the first element and not the fifth, not last. It is the greatest from which all things were birthed.

When there is no love, it is illegitimate. What is birthed forth is illegitimate. That is why when you do things it must be with a right heart or the fruit of your labors is in vain, illegitimate, unjust, spoiled, rotten. I AM cannot appease the works of the flesh. I cannot attain its taste which is why I vomit it forth. Shmitah! Shmitah is here. Do you give the garden of your heart rest and allow ME to work within its hedges? I AM not your hired help! I AM is your MASTER. Let ME not see you slumbering, for did I not say the foxes come to the garden that is in full bloom to snatch up its fruits? Do not allow your vines to be stripped bare. This is not a pruning work but theft. I did not send the foxes but I allow to see where your loyalties lie. To another? To ME? Love one another and you shall be loving ME. By loving ME, you shall love one another.

Even MY Word needs rest. So put ME not to the test. I test, for I AM is the CREATOR. It is MY right [to test] and not your right to question (doubt). This is the season of faith (referring to Shmitah). As you put your faith in ME I, YEHOVAH, I shall keep you as in Psalm 91, as in Psalm 115. As the mountains are around Jerusalem, so am I enthroned about MY people. I meet them in their daily lives. I AM is not afar off. I am not like the kings and rulers of this earth who are distant from their subjects. I AM the POTTER, yes, but that does not mean I do not care about the vessel. Hear ME! When you suffer, I suffer. It pains ME, MY children, to see you go your own way as the prodigal son who wasted his substance, his inheritance. It pains ME. So I sent the SHEPHERD to gather in the scattered and lost sheep of the House of Israel. So I sent the SHEPHERD to make war against the enemy, the enemies of your.

These are dangerous times you live in and shall only increase so. So be alert! Be aware! I AM ready. Are you ready and willing? Let ME hear you sing (referring to “yea and amen” and “let GOD'S will be done”). Faint not, for I AM is there to keep you. Faint not and all shall be well. This is the test of ages. Do you trust ME? Do you love ME? I love you. I invested much, yea everything. So where is MY return? Where is MY reward? Will a man rob GOD?

It is all about preparation, for how can you be ready when you are not prepared? Much preparation, much order goes into the Shabbat, keeping MY commands. I do not give order lightly. Every command of MINE is a “yea” and an “amen” which means it is possible for you to keep. Just don't go by your understanding, your way, your thoughts. That is how mankind came to be in the mess that it is now. But I send YESHUA, I sent METATRON to clean house. For does not judgment begin at the House of the LORD?

Both YESHUA and METATRON have said, “But as for ME and MY House, WE will serve the LORD YEHOVAH!” That is why THEY are FAITHFUL WITNESSES of the Covenant. Look and learn! Watch and behold. The MASTER has gone on a long journey, but who knows the Day of HIS Return, the Day of HIS Coming? Watchman, what of the night? When HE returns it will be night to the flesh. But for those in spirit, it will be as the morning light, as the farmer who waits for the crack of dawn to begin his work. Soon night shall come when no man can work but joy comes in the morning. HALLELUYAH!!!!

End of Word



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