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Prophecy 109 "METATRON, BELOVED of the FATHER"

Updated: Nov 5

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Started July 2021 and ended September 1, 2021

Prophetic Message Begins







Voice of the FATHER

NAME of the Age

WATCH of the Ages


With HIS watchful gaze HE peers down upon man. To search the heart has HE been preordained and commissioned. What is HE looking for and within whom will HE find what is to be found?



MESSENGER of the Covenant



Heart of the FATHER

SCRIBE of Heaven



YEHOVAH: "HE has been sent, MY children, to prepare the Way of the LORD. HE has been sent by MY own hand - I, YEHOVAH. So seek ME early, seek ME true."

LORD METATRON, what of the watch of the night? What do YOUR eyes behold?

METATRON: "I perceive the mysteries and secrets of the heart. The deep hidden things of GOD. Counsel is MINE. There is no wisdom, nor understanding, nor counsel against GOD that can prevail (Proverbs 21:30). I have searched it out. I have measured it in MY right hand and balanced it with MY left. I, METATRON."

The watch of the night is filled with mystery and awe. "Starry sky. Illuminated orb. Righteous Inheritor. Be blessed in the light of the moon. Be blessed in the light of day. At all times be blessed MY children and worry not with the changing of the seasons, the changing of the guards. The seasons guard MY Word through obedience to the ordinance both seen and unseen. And so should you. Allow ME to manifest MY Word through you; both the ALEPH and the TAV. For HE who starts a good work will finish it (Philippians 1:6). HalleluYAH?

YEHOVAH: "METATRON, MY DARLING ONE of AGES, HE who is KING, HE who is EMPEROR - watch HIM and YOU shall finish the good work. YOU are the end from the beginning. MY stamp, MY seal of approval. The children know YOU well. Adored are YOU in Heaven. YESHUA, the SON of the FATHER. Hear HIM well. When ONE speaks, it is enough. But when BOTH speak, hear THEM well. Hearken and obey.

THEY have been from of old, from before there was time. Ancient. The SON and the FATHER of FRESH OIL (Zechariah 4:14). The brought forth ONES. Daniel saw THEM though he did not understand. He understands now and reveals to you at MY command.

YESHUA: Receive the prophets well. Receive their testimony, for I AM in them and they are in ME. Abide in the VINE and you will hear clearly. MY voice in them and their voice in ME. One with the prophets I AM. I am the PROPHET of all prophets and I speak of the holy ones, for one I cannot be with the unclean, those dirty, living in sin.

Make yourselves ready, MY children, for I come soon. I will restore the counselors as of old. I will make desolate places inhabited again. I will restore the former Glory and add in the New. Seek ME about this, for I AM the former and the latter rain combined. This is no ordinary rain, for it comes directly from the FATHER. From HIS Heart in HIS Way.

Give ME glory, MY children, for I restoreth the soul. Peace is MINE, MY children. Abide in ME, for what branch ever cut off from the source ever produced fruit of its own? Nay, I say. They are only fit for the burning.

Allow MY seed to be planted deep within thee and let the waters flow. Block not the GARDENER and refuse HIM not entrance. HE tends to the mountains and the landscapes of the sun. Where ever HE goes there is life. Where ever HE goes there is truth. This is the way of life, MY children.


CHERUB of the Ark

RAPTURE of Heaven

HAVEN for the needy

FATHER'S delight





Watch for METATRON all ye people! Watch and do not quit! HE comes to the generation of MESSIAH to test them. When the fig tree puts forth its leaves, you know the time is nigh. When it puts forth its figs, the time is here. Be aware! Be ready for the inspection.

HE shall come as MESSIAH did. With words like a love song. And they shall delight to hear but take no heed, continuing on in their sin, hardened hearts, prejudiced in all their ways.

And HE shall come with words of stinging rebuke to pierce the heart and awaken the soul. And HE shall turn many to righteousness, stirring the waters, healing the nations. For where ever the river flows, there is life (Ezekiel 47:8-9).

There is life, MY children, in MY Word. I AM life. I AM water. I AM fire. I AM the elements. I AM is the element of love by which everything is knit together. Seek ME and ye shall find.

Ye shall find ME in the water. There is a great mystery in the reflection of the water. Why do you think witches use it so? The enemy knows, but only in part. The crystal sea. The ALEPH. The TAV. Mysteries of the Kingdom. Mystery of ONE, ONENESS. HalleluYAH!

Take back the waters MY children! Take them back for ME! I handed dominion to Adam but all was lost through sin. All was lost through the great birth of iniquity, the fall of mankind. A dark age was born. But I AM is the Might of Light. I AM is LIGHT. I AM your LIFE.

So say I to you, "Watchman, what of the night? What do you see and what is your report?" Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. What is your attitude? And what is your outlook?

Is your outlook simple? Is it keen? How is your attitude? Did you know it shapes your nature? ("It can turn you into a whole different creature.") What do you nurture? The Word of GOD growing in your heart or the dark seed? It's up to you. So I ask again. Watchman, what of the night? The choice is yours.

End of Word


*the night represents tough times and YESHUA is asking what is your behavior in such times and how is your obedience.


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