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Prophecy 121 You are MY Flower Petals

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of July 6th, 2019

Prophetic Message

You're MY flower petals, flower petals that completes MY heavenly collection. I am collecting for the final fragrance of the Bride to complete her fragrance perfume. This, is the ultimate sacrifice of the Bride. Each fragrant flower petals is your life, each of the short lives of yours I use. They completed their 70 years of Tribulation in MY time, and walked with ME on this planet Earth at the time. And I want each of the people that belong to ME to also walk with ME on this earth. That is also part of the reason I called you the Time Traveler. For your spirit should always travel with ME in the spiritual realm Jerusalem all the time. You are there with ME, on the Temple Mount, on the Wailing Wall.

MY flowers MY flower petals, I pick you so carefully from MY garden, I YESHUA'S garden, I choose you carefully. You were formed by MY side as MY Bride on MY side. I have many of MY anointings and blessed characters on planet Earth when I was walking on this planet. Many do not know, and many were not revealed. These are the left hand Revelation that is stored at this time. This is the bullet of the Century, that will go through men's heart and warn them of what is to come. Many were not listening, but many did listen. As you are part of the 12 Tribes and each represent 1, and the broken tribe. [Ephraim]

MY children, listen to MY voice, and gather with love all your petals and produce the fragrance for ME. The Ultimate Bridal Gown Fragrance, the last Diadem Crown anointing is dew upon you. I shall glorify you at this end time age as you triumph over the Love Testimony and Challenges. Call upon ME, when you feel you cannot love on your own. MY Words never lie, MY words never speak falsely. It just needs to be indued upon you as a Diademic Anointing Crown of Everlasting. For you shall carry that crown forever and ever as a testimony for ME that as MY bride walking on the planet Earth as MY Disciples.

I have MY petals flowing on this ground for many of the centuries, but not many picked up the battle axe that would cut down the evil tree's root, so MY flowers can flourish. MY flowers they are so withered because of the oppression, and many die during step process because they are so fragile and didn't have enough water from YEHOVAH to drink. So that's why I bring you out and to bring you to the straight water flow from YEHOVAH GOD'S throne it is watering you daily as you give ME your will to live each day. Then you shall flourish, then shall I gather MY petals for MY fragrances. This perfume and the perfume bottle shall be everlasting, as MY diademic anointing testimonial to all the galaxies and universes, this is what I have initially planned and no man, no woman, no demons, no satan, no evil, not even angels can take this blessing away. This is the most treasured vial that I have never revealed until this day, the diademic perfume bottle of everlasting Alabaster bejeweled heaven jar. It is encrusted of each of your stones as the fragrances protector, each shall redeem what I desired, of love, of mercy, of kindness, of meekness, of contentment, of purity, of judgment, from the miry mud she-devil created. I AM YEHOVAH of HOSTS and I do not lie, I do not plan things just for them to trip and make you fall. I have purposes with everything I do, and I do, with many things with a planned heart. You are on MY chessboard, and all I ask is for you to follow MY lead, MY way, follow MY light and heart of YESHUA HAMASHIACH. And HE shall lead you to the truth.

Many were killed along the way, slaughtered, deceased and their petals scattered along the way and the next generation of the martyr line continues to march. March, march, until I have reached MY diademic anointing. Do you see how important this is for ME? First, allow ME to manifest the love of ages, the love of everlasting, then I shall indue upon you each of the Eye of Glassy Sea, the Crystal Sea. It also has an eye, and it is within YESHUA. And it is a Bridal Dowry for the Bride, receive it this day to see clearly of MY Throne. When you come, come boldly with no sin, ask ME for forgiveness and you shall see so clearly. And smell the fragrances that I perfume you this day, with every single kind of angels I perfume you. They are surrounding you in this place, of finances, of mercy, of kindness, of purity, of all the dews of pure kind hearted men. Lay before ME, tell ME about your love, your love of everlasting, the perfume-grade love. It foretells ME your love, as a fragrance kiss, doesn't Song of Solomon talk about it? The Perfumed kiss? That you bestowed upon a King. The queen loves, and loves fervently and dearly to her King. And so do you too. The Diademic perfume kiss of ages. So listen now, and listen to the ages of the everlasting truth of lovely psalm that I have bestowed upon MY Bride. Shalom.

The Orb, the Orb of Light [that the King/Queen holds during coronation]. How much they counterfeit ME but I tell you children, these are what will be added upon you as you cross the Sea of Trouble/Sea of Galilee. When I YESHUA was on the planet Earth I walked over literally the Sea of Galilee, it is a representation that I have overcome the mystery of the deep sea. I have walked over the Sea Shores, Sea Beings, Atlatis Atlantica, I have walked among them, the trenches saw ME, all the evil ones saw ME in the sea. And they know they cannot come near ME. As I hold the Scepter of Light and I go after them to destroy all their evil wicked works against MY Holy Diademic anointing. MY Crown - is encrusted with all those who are dear to ME, and each little Stars, the gemstones, diamonds, rubies, beryls, emeralds, sapphires, so many so many upon many many jewels and hearts that I bestowed and that shall be given to you also. As you also hold many of their Mystery destiny in hand. Only overcome, overcome the testing of your life, hold onto your life, your desire for ME you desire, for ME you declare the light upon all the earth. Cry to ME of your love, your desire of ME coming closer to get you. And I shall come, one day of the soon coming future. Overcome the trials and I shall crown you with everlasting life. I AM only foretelling you before hand because you need this hope of ages. Many on this earth have no more hope, and I desire to use you to ignite their hope once again. Tell them of MY love, MY saving power, MY glorious Name - YESHUA HAMASHIACH. I came to save, I came to deliver, I came to bring Salvation! To bring you the everlasting redemption. It comes, it shall come, and it comes fairly quickly to your doorstep! Rebukes are good, and never for any wicked deeds, but it corrects your path the crooked path straight so you can walk straighter before ME. It brings ME glory, and brings you comfort to let you know that you are loved by ME. For the redeemed loved ones will always receive rebukes and correction from ME, in Love and in Mercy and in Kindness. I AM never disappointed at you, I just want you to do well in MY will, and follow MY guidance of life. So I can lead you to the greener pasture, and you are always on the right path as you keep going. Don't be late, don't tempt ME, and follow ME, respect ME and MY people, prophets, apostles those who are close to ME, and you will forever be in MY court. Listen this day of MY diademic order of MELEKH TZEDEK. Shalom.

End of Word



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