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Prophecy 126 MY Mercy is Running Thin!

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא and Torah Keeper for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of Mar 31st, 2019

Prophetic Message

MY children, trust in ME! Trust in I, YEHOVAH, and I YESHUA, and I RUACH HAKODESH. In MY constellation, GOD'S Eye Constellation, why do you think man notices of the Eye of God in the Universe? Because I reside in there. I watch from them. It is one of MY unique anointings. One of the unique the space people. They will never find ME, because I AM spirits.

The Earth does not know what a great power YEHOVAH has. The devil mocked ME, when the Twin Tower falls down 911, mocked MY URIYAH and GRACE. He thinks he destroys the highest USA tower will destroy MY Pride, but I shall show him different. I shall deliver MY children.

The Book of Enoch is not false. When the fallen angels came down they brought their secret knowledge. The knowledge of GOD. The lowest tier of the secrets, as the living water come down from YEHOVA’S mount. That is the least they can know. And I hate them that they defile human. There are so many mysteries about human souls. With MY YEHOVAH'S hand. With MY Laser hand. With MY laser hand I cut 10 Commandments from MY throne. The tablets I give to Moshe.

The Earth is not ready. They will the Lion of Tribe of Judah behind you consuming them for their sin. They are not ready! They are not ready! They are not ready for Galactical War! They shall see the alien ship coming through. Just like in the Independence Day appears. The Independence Day.

The enemies is already here. Already hidden in the people. Aliens, Reptiles - the residents of the Jezebel planet. They are already here. They mingle intercourse with human defile the DNAs. That I YEHOVAH created. But they shall never, never, never defile the DNA that I have given to MY children. MY Kingdom of Heaven.

MY Commandments shall be fulfilled as you are on this planet earth. As you walk in MY Commandments MY only way of path. It is so holy, so holy, so holy. All of you have different missions.

For I have to judge the whole world. Do I not? I have to judge the world. And no man can be left standing and never heard of ME. Never experienced ME. They never felt ME. I do have other holy children. And I AM a fearful GOD. I do not judge without giving you a chance first. I give this world chance after chance after chance after chance after chance after chance until no more chances left. Almost no more chances left. MY patience is running thin, soon I will have to smash this earth. But believe or not, these 3 Days of Darkness is MY mercy. This is MY mercy. This is MY mercy. O You nations, this is MY mercy. Do you hear ME? This is MY Mercy. That it is not worse. It is not about the death toll. Thank ME, thank ME, thank ME, thank ME, thank ME that you even know how many died. Thank ME. Thank ME that you even have breathe left. For those you do live, thank ME for giving you a chance. Get right with ME. Because this is MY mercy. I have been so merciful. Getting to know ME now. Ask ME to not be deceived. Ask ME to not be deceived. Ask ME to not be deceived.

Because spirit of religion. I hate that spirit. I hate that spirit. I hate the spirit of religion. Cast it out, it needs to be out. These churches need to wake up, so many churches, on every corner. I AM not found. I AM not found. I AM not found. Nowhere to be found. Search high and low. Roughly 98% I AM not found, I AM not found. Where AM I? Where is MY RUACH HAKODESH? Where are WE? You just hear praise and worship. Praise and Worship to who? To who? I Don't hear it. It's not to ME. If you have loved ones in these churches, ask ME to take them out. Ask ME to take them out. For I have written Ichabad on so many of the churches. Where I Am not be found. I cannot. They are not preparing you. They don't prepare you. Where is the message about 3 Days of Darkness? Where? Why? I have so many professed to be MINE. Why aren't there hundreds of messages? O many will be caught unaware. And I hold you preachers responsible. Ask ME why you haven't heard 3 Days of Darkness. Why haven't they heard MY voice so clearly about the 3 Days of Darkness? You would think for mankind to perish in such a way, when they could be warned to get their houses in order. Get themselves in order. They don't want to hear MY voice.

This world brings ME so much grief. I will shut the Heaven from you. No rain, no rain, no sun, just dry, just dry. Just like how you are with MY word. Just dry. Your body, the devil drop dead. Just dry. I warned you to prepare, I warned you to get the food, I warned you to get water, I wanted you to save. O no but instead, you concerned with Louis Vuitton bags, Christian Vuitton shoes, Champagne, fancy parties, riches, luxury cars, but you are not preparing. And all those things shall be worth nothing, down the drain. But if you were in MY Word, and seeking MY face. You would be prepared. You would know even if there is no water there, you would know and have faith to receive MY living water. And you would know that I YEHOVAH would feed and clothe thee. But you don't want to hear. So few wanted to hear. Remember I said this is MY mercy. This is MY mercy. This is MY mercy and it's running very, very, very, very, very thin. Very thin.

Just joy. Peace and Joy. I want to see peace on you. Peace and joy. I want to see peace on you. You never lack in anything. Did I not clean up Paul? It is a testimony of who I AM in thee and I change lives. How I changed your life and how I changed your life. Those who judge you leave them to ME. I don't care if you just killed someone yesterday and you answer ME this is your life today I will transform them. All you have to do is keep working on the relationship with ME. And I will transform you ways you know not. Think not of yourself just as a dirty person. Because I clean. If I have forgiven you and think yourself dirty, it grieves ME. You are beautiful as snow. I don't mean earthly snow. Heavenly snow. Snow in heaven is not cold but there is snow in heaven. I think it's beautiful. You can make snow angels in heaven. They speak to you when you make them. That is a fun secret I reveal. Your snow angel when you make them they will speak to you. They will dance with you. Think of everything on this earth and just so much better.

You make us so happy. When we look at the earth, we just see horrible destruction going on. Babies being killed. This makes us cry, but we look at you and you make us happy. You make us happy.

End of Word


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