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Prophecy 129 Seek ME for your Safety Net!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of Mar 14, 2020 and addition received on Jul 8, 2023.

Prophetic Message

This is the safe net.

I, YEHOVAH, AM the only one, whom, the only one that can stop this war. The war of mankind and disease (COVID). I AM the only one. And I choose not to stop it. Because I want to see how far it can go. How far it will take for mankind to repent. Do not see this as pandemic, but see as MY will in it too. I use it, like what devil does, I use him as a tool for MY glory. MY glory! Shall never cease! MY glory! Shall never depart from MY Ark of YEHOVAH! Filled with glorious presents and beautiful fruits from MY YEHOVAH's belly. You serve ME wine. That was the first miracle of ME showing world to know. That was even the first miracle. I AM the one with miracles of wine.

I promise to never forsake you, to you only, and no one else. This romance the world will never know. It is not for man or woman, but for those whom I love. You are the first to become MY Bride, then MY Brides come forth throughout the ages. Their ages differ, they come from different places.

[Addition received on Jul 8, 2023)

Bring your burden to ME, O children of GOD. And I shall enlighten your burden. Have MY YESHUA not said, HIS burden is light? O so bring to ME and let US carry it for you. Bring your repentance to ME, bow your head, low on your knees. O children of MINE. For you are so loved. And I love you. Whoever is reading this Word, this Word is for you. You fear so many things, COVID included. But have MY YESHUA’s blood covered you? There are things are wrong. Wrong with this world. True. It is nothing that I cannot fix. But the world does not want ME to fix it. Otherwise they would have welcomed ME back to their churches, school system, and even law buildings. But they do not want ME. So I stand afar and see who comes to ME. I wait and see. I wait and see. But I wait no longer. I have wait long enough. MY Ark shall soon take off. So join in the Ark of Safety. You – must ask ME where it is. Where it is. Where it is that I want you to be. You have to learn to hear ME. Stay HOLY and be with ME. HOLY is anything against evil, against darkness. Learn to hear ME. I AM sometimes in the voices of conscious. The small still voice. You have to – I cannot stress the importance of this – learn to hear ME. O children of GOD. How I have loved you.

End of Word



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