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Prophecy 130 You Get What You Believed

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of Apr 9, 2020

Prophetic Message

Judgment, judgment, judgment. Death come knocking on the door. Knock, knock. Who is there? It is me the spirit of death come to claim thy life. Thy life that you had forsaken GOD with. I have come to claim.

[YESHUA speaks] This is what the devil speaks. Devil speak deceitful words. But if you are in ME. You shall never be taken. Look around your world, how many have lost their lives, and how many have trusted in ME? For ME to deliver them? They get what they believed. They get what they deserved. Psalm of Psalms. Truth with truth that I speak. Truth is the truth. I AM who I AM, and I change not for man or woman. I AM the everlasting, the beginning and the end. I AM the TAV, and I AM also the ALEPH. Soon the world will turn around, antichrist will show its fang and his little hidden arrow. Continue to pray for Trump's protection, do not neglect in this for I still have ways for him to protect MY children. After all, he was the closest to heaven that I can choose from. Even though words he said sometimes does not make much sense to your brain and you have to trust ME with this. That he was hand chosen by ME at this time, at this present end time. I still have MY people.

Netanyahu, choose ye this day which GOD you want to serve. Is it the devil [fear], or ME, YEHOVAH the brave. Choose ye this day which way you want to walk for Israel. Do not let Israel walk the rebellious path. But it is already on the declining road. And soon Israel will be in front of the world as a show. Tick tock, tick tock, time is ticking. Bomb is ticking.

End of Word


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