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Prophecy 133 Embrace the Wave of YEHOVAH

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of May 14, 2020

Prophetic Message

Embrace yourself for the second wave of YEHOVAH. The YEHOVAH water that washes away the dirty laundries of Netanyahu. Sold out purely evil. Where were your heart, Netanyahu? Where you don't sell out your people. Your believers? I want you to repent, in your Kingly palace. I want you to repent before the people. But would you have done so? No. You have too much pride, pride before the foundation. I wanted you to build MY wall but instead what did you do? Tear down the wall of protection. Because MY people believed in ME, and you wanted them to be destroyed? I don't know about you anymore. Where were you, MY son? Who vowed to trust ME with all MY work? MY western wailing wall, how I still cry at that wall today, right now. MY tears are those who shed the bloody tears, are the rains the wailing rain that drop down upon the wall, to the cracks, down to Jeremiah's grotto. I – MY, YESHUA'S shed blood and it is sad to see it again the blood of Jews once again. Washed in the streets of Jerusalem.

Let ME tell you something. The war, this war (COVID), will not end. For I even have MY hand in this. The mutation of the blood of enemie’s work. O how I want to destroy it for you, for MY people. But I can't. Because you have signed contracts with devil, through your sin, and your mistakes. I cannot go cross your will of sin. Only when you repent I can destroy the Corona spirit. It is a spirit. Spirit attaches. All the sicknesses, infirmities, are all spirits of darkness. Sent by this spirit of Jezebel. Combinations, combinations of all the sorts of disaster and curses upon the mankind. How I weep. I AM the weeping prophet YESHUA. We are there, at the western wailing wall Kotel. I AM there for you, children. But I cannot cross your will. I cannot. So I have to wait for you patiently. Wait until you receive the Holy Mark.

The Mark of the Beast will destroy your soul. They will release a toxin that will attack your nerve system and you will no longer praise ME. It will change your DNA. And so I AM telling you NOT TO TAKE IT! Because you will no longer be you anymore. I AM forewarning you now! Forewarning!

The Mark of the Beast is on the rise. They [whoever is behind it] are testing the water, testing the people, who will take it and who will not. They will try force it at first, but then they will do it in an even persuasive way. No purchase no sale. Just like I have prophesied in the Bible long time ago. When I was on the Earth, have I not? I have prophesied to all MY disciples. They did not know fully what I meant but you do now. Because it has everything to do with modern technologies. They are in the universe, and have you wondered why? Would there be a special virus or viruses in the sky that they promote and take it down to Earth to destroy the mankind? Because they know the virus had killed all the organisms on planet Mars? Is that why they went? I AM not and I cannot tell you now. But these are speculations in some people's mind. And I tell you, they are right. It is truly an alien force invading in. This is the First Wave. The invisible wave. The 5th Wave spoke well, and that's part of their big master plan.

I YESHUA do not and will never lead you astray. I promised, and I will do what I have come to do. I have come to gather MY bride, and you are all MY brides. Come join ME, to MY journey ride. WE are returning home. The True welcoming home

End of Word

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