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Prophecy 135 I Proclaim MY Judgment to the Asian Countries!

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of Jul 5, 2020

Prophetic Message

[YEHOVAH speaks]

I draw you out from MY Belly -

I have a command for you to proclaim MY judgments to Asia countries, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, all areas of China - all the blood you have scarified, and killed MY children and MY beloveds and Bride - some [politicians] have fallen and dropped hard in the hell fire/floor! They shall be condemned forever and ever.

Chinese politician you shall not escape. You and your wife and your daughter - shall not escape the wrath of ALMIGHTY GOD YEHOVAH. I AM YEHOVAH, MY NAME IS YEHOVAH. I had commanded you before - the former Pharaoh - to release MY people - Myanmar, release your anointing and let MY people go. Let them worship ME. Release them from the grip of the dark evil dragons!

The earth is MY belly. And I swallow it as a whole.

[YESHUA speaks]

Listen to MY command, and proclaim the wrath of flooding upon the Asia countries. I have to show them whom I have cried for, and whom I have died for. I have died, I have related, and I will come again. YESHUA'S Name will be upheld high and risen up. It will be called out again. Myanmar, release your spirit to come unto ME. I have called you to be drawn to ME. Just like many nations. But I speak to you now because you [whoever is in charge] is close to MY spirit. I want you to be saved and delivered upon Elohim. Draw MY water out from within your midst.

MY precious, MY darling, MY beloved child and children. All those whom you have drawn towards ME they wept for ME. Because they feel part of your pain. Of your longing and desire for ME. MY children, hold onto condemnation no longer, no longer drunkard spirits [past], lustful spirits, rebellion - let MY spirit lead, MY beloved. Let MY leaders lead, and stand up, for what is to come.

Time of Eve and Adam facing the giant ancient dragon is upon us, upon you again. The aborted souls cry for MY vengeance; shall I not answer? And the flood is what they weep for. The tear of all drenching water.

Come praise ME this day. Stand up glorify MY Name. I AM YESHUA. ME and MY FATHER are ONE. And WE are twisting your branches together - you are finally getting connected, connected to the truth and faithful stage. You will keep following your heart - after MY own heart - if you follow your own heart you will not go far. [Do not hear your hearts.] Always, always, MY heart. MY beloved, MY precious MY Bride, that's all I want to say.

Treasure MY words, world. Soon the cleansing fire shall come and clean up MY temples of filth. Jerusalem, O Jerusalem. How I want to bring you under MY shelter of wings like a mother to her chicks, but they are not willing. They are too proud to believe in their own shelter of tent, made of animal hide. Is it enough to cover the filth? Is it enough to cover your scar of war? Is it enough to carry the water with GOD? It is not enough, far not enough.

Listen to MY word, world! I Am YEHOVAH. MY name is YEHOVAH and I have MY prophets all around the world. I am not deaf I am not blind. I am only giving you the righteous ruling of your sinful nature! I have MY water of ceremony, and awaits MY bride. They are not dull in hearing nor blind in sight. They shall have overcome the world and it's evil and pure as holy power. MY power of eternity.

Drink of MY living water and be alive again. Be alive and well. In peace and in unity not chaos. It is enough for your heart to wander far and wide. And come take a rest under the shelter of MY wings. Bread of life and living water of drinks are the best treat.

End of Word


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