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Prophecy 136 Ye Shall Reap Bountifully of Your FATHER’S Doings!

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 4th January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 11th of Tevet

Prophetic Message

Holiness befits THE KING and HIS children. Children, in all MY ways, I AM Holy. Set-Apart לאלוהים [LE’ELOHIM – to GOD]. Yes, ELOHIM YEHOVAH. Children, how do good things come? How does goodness meet thee? Is not only through YEHOVAH, your FATHER? Yes! And HE children, HE saved you, is saving you and will save you through HIS SON, I, YESHUA! Children, HE does a wonderful thing in you! A great deliverance HE has wrought in your lives. HE has stripped you of what is not HIS and is continuing to. Allow the work to be done. Allow the work to continue. And ye shall reap! Ye shall reap bountifully of your FATHER’S doings!

Ye are HIS farm. HE goes out and sees the state of the farm and what it needs. HE makes the necessary purchases. HE brings the right kind of seeds. HE understands the kind of climate where the farm is located and knows what best will grow there. And HE puts in the work. HE gets busy. As a FARMER, doesn’t HE expect yields? HE is a seasoned FARMER. And in due time, just as ye expect in time, as your FATHER has envisioned and spoken about the farm, so shall ye be before HIM. Yielding abundantly for HIS Great Glory alone! HALLELU YAH!

Be that soil children, that ground that soaks up the water and fertilizer and yields forth good fruit, great produce for the MASTER and not one which only brings up briers and thorns. A land only good to be accursed! But ye shall not be as such dear beloved little children. Hang on to your FATHER’S fingers, there are more than enough for all of you. Let your tiny hands grab onto HIM. Look to HIM with love and compassion. Let your passion for HIM grow in you! Burn in you! Allow HIS fire to burn in you! To blaze forth as a raging wild fire! HALLELU YAH!

HE deserves the GLORY! Yes, YEHOVAH GOD deserves the Glory, the Honour and the Praise! HALLELU YAH!

I AM faithful children and I teach you the way of faithfulness, of loyalty. Stand loyal to your FATHER and MY FATHER first and to one another. Let the chords of love and bonds of love tie you in a knot together. In an unbreakable bond! HALLELU YAH! Stick with one another now and see yourselves flourish in the future! So that no matter what kind of testing, ye shall stand together. It is important for you to stand together. Together, ye are unbeatable. Under your FATHER’S command, can anything go wrong! A capital NO! Have faith in your wonderful and loving FATHER YEHOVAH and I your YESHUA HAMASHIACH. Your FATHER from everlasting HE has been. Even in this life HE has been always present. Pouring HIS love upon you beloved little ones. Staying close always.

I love you MY children!

End of Word

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