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Prophecy 145 MY Goodness Displayed Is MY Character, MY Being, Who I AM

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 8-9,11,14th January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 15-16,18,21st of Tevet


Prophetic Message

MY love for you children is manifest in all that I do for you. MY actions are not without calculation and meditation. They are not without MY love, MY mercy, MY goodness. It is MY DNA. It is MY character. When I speak Truth, AM speaking out of who I AM. I AM not putting up faces and appearances. MY goodness displayed is MY character, MY being, who I AM.

And this is your heritage, children. To be formed after the image of the HOLY ONE, I YEHOVAH, your KING and GOD. To be formed in MY image, after MY character. So, as your ELOHIM, so ye are MY children; in character and in being, for HIS glory. Yes! Amen. For MY glory children. Always remember tis’ always for MY glory!

A clear and sound mind I give you children. That is your heritage. Yes, better still that is who I AM. Always remember who I your FATHER AM always. I AM good in all that I do and say. I AM sobriety. Sober in all I do and say. Chained to ME forever are ye. MY slaves. Yoked to ME are ye forever. Eternally bound to your LORD GOD, yes, I, YEHOVAH. In ME children, is righteousness and goodness and peace. Every good thing is found in ME. Know only, I walk in purity. Not your enemy. And that is what HE comes to corrupt you with. Eternally he has been set unto destruction. To the destroyer he has been sent. All his life is consumed. All who he is, is consumed in MY wrath and judgment.

A simple life have I called you unto. Free of care and worry. Only peace and tranquillity do you find in ME. Yes, by Faith, you claim it all. None can take it from you lest you give it away freely by walking away from your FATHER’S steps. Know shalom, walk in it. Teach the world and let it know it; that is, MY shalom. It is a rarity upon the face of this Earth. The world does not comprehend it; cannot comprehend it. Accustomed to their ways are they. Cleaving to what they can see and touch, to the natural. According to what their flesh can accommodate. Forgetting that the flesh is otherwise inclined. Inclined away from their CREATOR.

I desire to save. To save many, great and small, free and slave, rich and poor. For all these I have made and I prefer not one over the other. For they are all the same before ME. I Judge not with partiality. None gets special treatment from ME. I AM A JUST JUDGE. MY Judgments are equal and not unequal. So the same opportunity I give to all according to how I choose. MY mercy I show to whomever I show MY mercy and MY compassion I pour upon whom I desire.

Bless the NAME of יהוה המלך [YEHOVAH HAMELECH – THE KING]! For HE is good and HIS love endures forever! HIS love is from generation to generation! Behold O Earth, your TEACHER is here! HE who perfects you and all that concerns you! Proclaim it in your taverns O Earth! Proclaim it upon the rooftops! Let the Earth quake! Let the Earth tremble before THE HOLY ONE of Yisrael!

The HOLY ONE thunders from HIS Throne upon HIS Holy Mountain. All quake before HIM. HE utters but a speech and all are upon their faces before HIM. HE has set all things in Order. HE has set HIS times and HIS seasons. HE has cleaved prosperity unto your destinies.

HE has set and marked HIS times and seasons. Everything is appointed before HIM unto a set time; HE who set the big light and the smaller light – the sun and the moon- in the skies for times and seasons. HIS counsel is not defeated. NEVER! Stand at ease children and listen to the Words, the counsel of thy FATHER, YEHOVAH, THE ALMIGHTY. HIS Words build you up! They make you a wall against all the enemy forces. All their hopes are dashed upon it, yes that wall that I, yes, I YEHOVAH have made and do make! I make you a shield! That as a shield ye may stay away all the enemy assault! Yes, children. I strengthen! Only I, yes I, YEHOVAH, ONE and the same. I strengthen your arms for battle! Ye shall bend bows, bows of bronze and stronger like unto MY servant David! Ye shall throw at the enemies and before you they shall not be able to stand!

Children, I bless you. I bless you, yes if you believe. You receive it. I bless you abundantly that MY will and purpose may be accomplished on the Earth. Ye believe and receive it. And so I draw you nigh, I draw you nigh to MY Heart to get acquainted. To get acquainted with the Heart of your EL, your FATHER, I, yes I, YEHOVAH. I draw you nigh, I show you MY desire, I teach you all MY ways that ye that are MY children may learn and know of your FATHER. That as MY SON YESHUA walked and accomplished the will of HIS FATHER, only I, YEHOVAH, ye, may likewise do.

Only in ME shall ye be preserved. The enemies you fight and will fight for MY sake and glory, are many and mighty. But as the children of Israel fought the giants, the refaim of old as though they were but sucklings, they shall be as fodder before you, dust underneath your feet. Yes, but only in ME ye remain, ye remain focused. For spiritually children, I strengthen you.


End of Word


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