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Prophecy 146 Precious Are The Tears Of You All MY Children

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven Received on 13-14th January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 19-21st of Tevet

From URIYAH [0539—0605 hrs];

Prophetic Message

Precious are the tears of you all children. All of them are collected into a vial in Heaven. Precious are they in MY sight and that of MY HUSBAND YEHOVAH. Everything WE have ordained for a purpose, even the tears, to bring healing, restoration. None of your tears are taken for granted. Rest assured, children, WE care and all that concerns you, WE take care of. You are imbued with kindness and mercy from above. The mercies of YEHOVAH surround you children. That in HIM ye may trust and put your hope. HE is your covering. Your great PROTECTOR. All the schemes of the enemies reach at HIS steps and succumb. They are scuttled.

None shall prosper, beloved children, who rise up in judgment against you. None! YEHOVAH is your great DEFENDER! It is HE that justifies you. Therefore, who shall dare condemn you. It is HE that sets free – and you HE sets free are free in word and deed. Children, arise and bask and rest in your FATHER’S presence. Cast off all shadowy figures, things from you. Let the Light of YEHOVAH shine upon you. Let it from you remove all the darkness. Let it from you remove all the coldness of heart. HIS Light brings warmth. Warmth ללב [lalev—to the heart]. You are blessed children above all other peoples upon the face of the Earth!

Let your FATHER’S Righteousness arise and shine in and through you. Let HIS work be manifest for all to see for the Glory of the GREAT MAJESTY on HIGH, YEHOVAH, THE ALMIGHTY! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

Children, you have a gift like none other. Your souls have nothing lacking! You are all fulfilled in your FATHER YEHOVAH’S love and embrace! And O how HE embraces you! And O how HE kisses you each day! HIS love and HIS kisses never leave your foreheads! They are there hedged in! Have you seen anything like that? Such a FATHER’S love! So deep, so pure, so true! And with you all this sweet love stays with you! Speaks shalom unto your souls! Speaks your FATHER’S promises unto your spirits! Excites your souls! Your lines have fallen for you in good places, beloved children! A goodly heritage have you forever in your FATHER YEHOVAH! HALLELU YAH! To all the universes and eternity to come! HALLELU YAH!

Children, the song is in your souls to admire, to love and to cherish your FATHER and HIS love. Ye are as HIS doe! Panting by HIS streams of LIVING WATERS – yes, the LIVING WATERS of YEHOVAH, THE ALMIGHTY! HALLELU YAH! Your heart and souls pant for HIS being! And HE fills you! You children, HE denies not any good thing! It is HIS way! HIS way with HIS precious children! Ye are precious, children! Believe it! Walk in it! HIS goodness and Words will ooze forth from you: sweet scents, sweet smelling aromas, beautiful fruit shall come forth, delicious for THE KING’S liking and taste! HALLELU YAH!

Shalom, peace I leave you with, I your MOTHER URIYAH!

End of Word

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