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Prophecy 160 Let Your Feet Move, Let Yourselves Loose In MY SPIRIT, MY URIYAH!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven Received on 21st January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 28th of Tevet

From YEHOVAH GOD [0528—0542 hrs];

Prophetic Message

Rejoice always before ME beloved children! Rejoice and again I say rejoice! I have ordained the feet for dancing, for running, for walking and for jumping! Jump! Shout for joy! Walk, run, fly O MY little beloved ones! Dance! Dance to MY tune! Dance to MY music! Let your feet move, let yourselves loose in MY SPIRIT, MY URIYAH! I pour upon you all MY Joy! I have given you MY happy feet!

When I put on the music, let’s move as a family! As a unit. Follow MY lead. Do as I say. Do as I do! For it is I that fills you! It is ME ye have been born to please and to serve and not yourselves. Let MY culture be your culture. Let MY wants be your wants. Cleave to ME as Rut cleaved to Naomi. Cleave even more. Desire MY ways. Laugh with ME. Walk with ME.

I order MY House as I see fit. I AM HE that orchestrates. I AM HE that plans. It is MY team. It is MY HOUSE! HALLELU YAH! Give GLORY to YEHOVAH in HIS HOUSE! HALLELU YAH!

Soldiers ye are in MY boot camp. I AM your Drill Sergeant. I must make men out of babes! MY warriors. Yet children, it is so simple! It is the flesh! Get it out of the way and all shall be well. Keep it simple I always say. And it truly is. The flesh is enemy of all that is good. That is what I stand against. The spirit of the flesh, of the enemy, that is what I strike down without mercy! I AM stern! MY voice is harsh! Yes, the flesh cringes and flees! But the spirit, MY SPIRIT rejoices! HALLELU YAH! Your soul knows it is being set free! When it tastes the freedom, it tastes of MY GOODNESS and it knows I AM GOOD and that I AM only come to help! Only come for Good tidings! To rescue! To pull out of the dungeon! Out of deep, dearth, lonesome darkness it’s been imprisoned in by the enemy of your souls! This is the Year of your Jubilee MY precious beloved children! HALLELU YAH! Be ye set free in MY NAME, THE NAME OF YEHOVAH and of MY SON YESHUA your MASHIACH! HALLELU YAH!

Shout for Joy beloved children! Sing! Dance! Rejoice before ME for all I have wrought for you and on your behalf! Endure! See how penguins endure the cold, long hard weeks in the cold with nothing to eat! But patiently they wait! Walk in MY joy always little beloveds! Walk in MY shalom. Dear lovely ones, your love is in ME. Your goodness too! Your precious beloved MOTHER too! All, you shall find in ME. Learn to abide. Learn to abide in I, YEHOVAH, your faithful FATHER. Yes, rest, find your rest only in ME. I AM your GOOD GOOD SHEPHERD. Your lovely FATHER who truly cares for you.

End of Word



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