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Prophecy 164 The Waters Shall be Troubled Once Again

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the GLORY of ELOHIM (GOD)

Received the evening of July 7th, 2022 (Tammuz 8, 5782) from ELOHIM

Prophetic Message

I am ever patient, not desiring for even the least to perish. But test not MY patience. This world has tested MY patience long enough. I only endure because I, YEHOVAH, say so. But soon MY wrath shall be unleashed. Soon I shall shed MY tears. The flood waters shall be unleashed, disturbed. I, YEHOVAH, said the waters shall be troubled once again. There shall be healing. There shall be demons driven out. The waters are troubled by the doubled-edged sword.

The earth shall quake and shake. The waters shall boil in the deep and multitudes shall be set free. As it was once, so it shall be again, I decree, for I know the end from the beginning. Selah. What dark times that shall be when ELOHIM unleashes HIS fury. Dark for the wicked. A day of gloom and a shutting of the shutters. What you think should not be, shall be. For did not YESHUA say what is done in darkness, shall be exposed, shall be shouted from the housetops? Yea and it shall be so. I am your ELOHIM. Hearken unto the commands of your ELOHIM. Selah.

All of you should rest, MY children. All of you should know peace. I am not saying you do not have peace, but you do not walk in the fullness of it. I shall have MY seven-branched menorah fully lit and flourishing. I shall have MY key. And when I unlock what is to be unlocked, things will never be the same. Selah.

The winds of change blow, MY children. They change the garments of this world and help purify the soul. They are connected to the soul stone and even originate from the soul stone.

Wash yourselves, MY children. Wash yourselves in the garments of YEHOVAH. Put on Righteousness which flows like a river from the Throne of the ALMIGHTY. Put on Duty that you may be about your FATHER'S business to the fullest. No more time for elementary school, for you should be graduating.

The world awaits the Duty of the KING though they know it not. It is their souls' cry.

MY beautiful children, know that I AM the MISTIFIER of AGES. I confound those who think themselves wise. I bring the simple to naught and exalt them above the stars. There is always a season of humbling, when you are reduced to nothing, to ashes. For when your flesh is out of the way, then I begin to work.

Put on the garments of Zeal and be engulfed in ME. I light the flame of the match. I set ablaze.

End of Word



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