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Prophecy 174 Israel, I, YEHOVAH, Cut Out Your Border

Updated: Oct 28

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the GLORY of ELOHIM (GOD)

Received on January 26, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, 5783

Prophetic Message

Israel, did I not cut out your borders!? Why did I leave you in Egypt for 400 years? I prepared MY spacious land flowing with milk and honey, I, YEHOVAH. And when the workers of iniquity were ripened for the harvest of destruction, I brought you out with a mighty and powerful strong arm to devastate Egypt and to devastate the world, those who inhabited your land of promise.

The grief of I, YEHOVAH, as you treaded that desert. It was because of MY Moshe I did not destroy you then and start over with him! With blood, sweat, and tears you inhabited this land. I cut out your borders! I divided the land! And who are you to give it away? For is it not written you shall not give away the land?! For it belongs to I, YEHOVAH! JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT! shall visit and shall lay hold of your lives, of your families, of your crop, of your skies.

JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT shall visit the rabbis that deny the one they know is their one and ONLY MESSIAH! You follow the whore, America and all her prostitution! Just as in the days of Samuel, you said, “we do not want you YEHOVAH give us a king! We want to be like the other nations!” And I gave you Saul who took your sons and your daughters and killed your Priests and invited witchcraft into your land. So it is again! You want over you one who represents all that I HATE! As you cast off I, YEHOVAH the one who gave birth to you, so blood shall flow in your streets. So blinded by the pride of life, by prosperity, the latest wear, clothing, and I shall stain it with your blood! Every time I look at your land, I see MY SON’S shed blood. And I see it over and over and over and over HIS suffering on that cross! And I remember how HE suffered and where as I spared you because of MY SON’S blood, I shall crush for blood does require judgment! It was 2 fold Israel! The blood that saves, the blood that cries out, on YOUR SOIL!

Begin slaying MY angel, I seek to wake them up! I seek to wake them up little by little. MY judgment shall come until the full wrath falls down, until you cry out BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF YEHOVAH! I, YESHUA say, you are held more accountable Israel, For you have MY Torah. I left you an example of how to keep it. I walked your land! I said “Repent!” Did I not? For the Kingdom of GOD, MY FATHER is here. I said the snakes and the vipers would pay. And so they shall. Repent Israel, repent! Repent, Israel, repent! And turn your gaze to I, YESHUA! I send MY Moshe!

He came before in Egypt! And he came when MY FATHER’S wrath, ANGRY with the Egyptians, they had not the blood and Israel, those arrogant ones that thought they needed not the blood, and he brought MY sword and he slew and when he saw the blood HE passed over. Horror, horror horror! The horror, horror, horror! Horror, horror, horror! Only MY blood can turn back the horror that is coming! ONLY MY BLOOD! Only MY blood! Not the blood of chickens, not the blood of goats, or Lambs. For the FATHER provided the perfect Lamb! That was I, YESHUA!

Abraham shall also stand up and Isaac. For they were your example! They showed you what the FATHER would do. Abraham has sent many to hell, measuring out, degrees of torture. You say you are the children of Abraham?! For those who reject MY SON YESHUA, know you are of your father the devil and his works you do. But I desire that you be MINE! I do love you Israel! I love you Israel! I love you Israel! Come to ME, through MY SON YESHUA! Through MY SON, ONLY THROUGH MY SON! Come to ME! If you have not the SON you have not the FATHER!

End of Word

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