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Prophecy 194 Another Warning, Give Heed. Beware of MY 2 Witnesses

Updated: Oct 28

Given to Prophet דוד בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on April 18, 2020 in the year of our LORD

Nisan 24, 5780

Prophetic Message


You have MY heart, you have MY love. Stop standing still and let ME lead you to the green pastures. The thirsty waters that shall quench your thirst (Ps. 23:1-2). And allow ME to speak unto MY people that in this time and this hour that I have much to speak, much to say. You all follow MY path and take MY hand as I lead you to the heights above, the treasures of heaven that I bestow upon you. Be still and know that I AM GOD! That in this time, nothing should shake you, shall shake you because you believe in ME, the ROCK of your Salvation. Cling to ME MY people and not the CDC, a people in whom there is no help.

At this time and this hour, I’VE told you O Earth that things shall get rough for you, that aliens you shall see manifesting in your skies (Matt. 24:37). And don’t worry MY beloveds, I shall save you MY people and take you to the heights above. Those who believe in ME and obey, [those who] keep MY Commandments. But these, MY special Bride shall come back down from on high to speak forth MY destruction upon the reprobate, upon the rebellious (Rev. 10; Rev. 11:3-6). Those who rebel, are against ME and MY will for your life.

(YESHUA HAMASHIACH speaking) Trust in ME O you people of this Earth, The MESSIAH KING, the only SAVIOR of the world (John 3:13-19, Jer.17:7-8). This is ME, I WHO speak. I AM YESHUA! Speak, I command it! Destruction shall come to your shores O America such as that you have never seen before, for all your rebellion against ME. The stores shall shut down, even in an ever greater way. And I tell you this, if you are not prepared for MY coming then you shall miss ME and [will] be as one without the garments that you need! And that is why I said and gave the parable of that man that was left out in outer darkness because, he didn’t have his garments. And MY people, in this hour what do you seek but to be delivered by ME? I AM all who you should seek. I AM all who you need. Again, I say, “the CDC cannot save you” (Ps. 146:3-4; The Mark of the Beast prophecy reference), it shall fail you. And your gold in whom you put your trust in, in whom you put your trust. But I, I will be with you until the end, even unto the end of the Earth. For I never leave nor forsake a brother. MY people, nor MY people.

You haughty nation who think ME you do not need? So you remove ME from the schools. You replace ME in the Churches, while I say that “the fire of MY wrath is coming! And you churches shall be destroyed and shall cast you out of MY presence for all your treachery for leaving ME just like Israel as of old...from of old.” For I had cast them out too. For MY promise unto them was: ‘ will keep your land and I will let you dwell there if you will keep MY commandments’ (Jer. 7:3). And you feel the fire of MY rage burn Son. So let that blazing sword come forth, that I may pierce the hearts of MY people. All who will hear ME speak from your voice, the LION of the Tribe of Judah. Let ME speak unto MY people, for they need to know of MY coming that is so, so very close. And the stormy seas would not be a thing if you did not build on the sinking sand, but upon the ROCK you did stand (Matt. 7:24-27). Be faithful to ME. Stay faithful to ME! For I tell you, that I will never leave but for ME you are to show ME your your faith unto ME. Just as I faithfully lead. And in this time and in this hour, I and you shall see so many leave the churches for the false. Yet...yet I tell you to cling to ME. And if only you will allow ME to lead, for I AM the Shepherd, to lead your life, to guide your every step (Prov. 3:5-6; Ps. 23:1-3).

So in this hour, storms shall come. Great and dark and gray storms such that shall make you mourn (Joel 2:1-2). For the government—of the same that you seek, the CDC—shall betray you all. All who do not put their trust in ME. MY children, this is not ME to leave you. Trust in ME. I will save you.

(FATHER YEHOVAH speaking) MY children, MY people, I do truly speak to your spirits to lead you, to guide you, to take you to places that you never could believe. Act in MY power MY children to speak unto these people—MY wayward daughter—and tell them of their transgressions and of their sins, that none shall stand before ME laden with iniquity. And what shall take away your sin? Nothing but the pure blood, the shed blood of MY SON YESHUA that was shed for you. For all those who believe. For it is the power of GOD unto deliverance for those who believe. So believe in ME this day and repent of your sin! Believe in ME this day, so that you may be saved. Saved from an afterlife...saved for the afterlife that is surely ahead.


Do not lose your hope, your blessed hope! For I AM doing a new thing and even though the church shall be destroyed, I’M raising up MY Apostles and MY Prophets to bring you a message of truth O Earth. It would do you well to incline your ear, to listen to ME speak and tell you the truth of the things that are to come. For tsunami waves are surely coming, truly coming that shall smash upon your shores. I cannot be real enough about this. I cannot be more real about this! I don’t know how many ways I could tell you, and how long should I bear with this perverse and wicked generation of unbelief. I AM KING over the Earth. And yes, the seals I do I release. That’s why MY power has come down to you for deliverance for authority. For MY power has come down to you O Earth, with MY power and authority, that shall shake Nations for you shall shake Nations. Shake them out of their socks. They shall not know what had hit them.

BUT BELIEVE that it is I (YESHUA) that has come to you in MY bodily messengers who allow ME to do MY will. To have MY will in them. Who wield MY will. Be VERY careful how you treat them. For this is a true, stern warning. For you must pay attention in the day of MY witness! For it is already written that those who shall touch and harm them, the judgment that proceeds forth from their lips—brimstone and fire shall pierce you. A sword shall pierce you. And it is no different, for I shall come on the clouds and destroy them with the sword of MY lips, that goes forth from MY lips. So how should you treat them? MY 2 witnesses? (YESHUA speaking to the world concerning HIS 2 Witnesses) How should you treat them, MY 2 witnesses who wield MY will, who bend and bow their knee to their CREATOR and know that without ME they can do nothing!

And MY Child, you shall prophesy against Nations the judgments I shall put forth in your lips. And know that, MY purity Angel, you shall speak MY will. I already put in your spirit and hand you the scrolls. And you shall all speak it: the judgment to the Nations. Prophesy unto the Nations. And you shall topple reigns. Reigns shall fall. For it is MY purpose. For One Kingdom shall stand, that shall never fall. That is the Kingdom of GOD. You left MY paths of truth, O people of this Earth! Though that you knew, because I put it in you, to know right from wrong. And what does wisdom do but cry to you all day long, to “TURN BACK! Turn back now!”

Trust in ME O people! For I gave MY life for you. It is true. Just for you—that you might be saved. And I AM finished with you. I have no more to speak in this hour. But know this, I leave you with this: I’M coming for MY Bride.

End of Word

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