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Prophecy 20 Revelation of the Daughter of GOD. "URIYAH Is MY Name!"

Updated: Jun 10

Given to Torah Keeper for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on March 10, 2019


Before reading, if you have doubts or you question this Word being of YEHOVAH or not, do not speak against it but take it to prayer. Be warned that YEHOVAH spoke about blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT being the abominable sin that cannot be forgiven. This is the DAUGHTER of YEHOVAH. So be warned, if you speak against HER, this could endanger your soul. I encourage you to use discretion with the soul that YEHOVAH has blessed you with and seek Wisdom before speaking words that could endanger you and bring you to Hell fire for all eternity. YEHOVAH is the judge, I am not, but I must warn you or else I myself am held accountable, so please do not stone the Messenger. If you speak against this Message, you speak against GOD ALMIGHTY THEMSELVES!

Also, the proper pronunciation of URIYAH is (OO-REE-YAH).

Related Scriptures

Psalms 45:13-17: “The KING's DAUGHTER is all glorious within, HER clothing braided gold. SHE shall be led to the KING in embroidered work; HER companions, the Virgins, shall be brought to YOU after HER. They shall be led with gladness and rejoicing; they shall go in to the KING's palace. Your Sons shall be in the place of your fathers; YOU will make them for Rulers in all the earth. I will make remembered YOUR Name in every generation and generation; on this account people shall thank YOU forever and ever.”

Proverbs 7:4: “Say to WISDOM, YOU are my SISTER, and call UNDERSTANDING your KINSWOMAN.”

Proverbs 31:26,29: “SHE opens her mouth in WISDOM, and the law of kindness is on HER tongue. … Many are the daughters who work with virtue, but YOU rise above them all!”

Joseph and Aseneth 15:7-8: Aseneth said to Joseph, “For REPENTANCE is in the Heavens, an exceedingly beautiful and good DAUGHTER of the MOST HIGH. And SHE HERSELF entreats the MOST HIGH GOD for you at all times and for all who repent in the Name of the MOST HIGH GOD, because HE is (the) FATHER of REPENTANCE. And SHE HERSELF is Guardian of all Virgins, and loves you very much, and is beseeching the MOST HIGH for you at all times and for all who repent SHE prepared a place of rest in the Heavens. And SHE will renew all who repent, and wait on them HERSELF for ever (and) ever. And REPENTANCE is exceedingly beautiful, a Virgin pure and laughing always, and SHE is gentle and meek. And, therefore, the MOST HIGH FATHER loves HER, and all the Angels stand in awe of HER. And I, too, love HER exceedingly, because she is also MY SISTER.”

Prophetic Message

(Before I heard the following message, I have wondered in the past if our ABBA YEHOVAH and IMMA GLORIA have a DAUGHTER in Heaven. If a family is a copy of what it is Heaven, wouldn’t then the precious HOLY TRINITY have a DAUGHTER also? WE have YEHOVAH the FATHER, and IMMA GLORIA our MOTHER in Heaven, and YESHUA HAMASHIACH who is THEIR SON, but what about a DAUGHTER? In whose image is a daughter made? While I was sitting at the table with my family in YESHUA, I had a vision of a female who was a GOD and no it was not IMMA GLORIA, our HEAVENLY MOTHER! I had spoken this vision to the family and I wasn’t going to say what I thought it had meant fully due to not wanting to bring it as a stumbling block to anyone else. Shortly after, I heard the following Word from Heaven from the DAUGHTER URIYAH who wanted to introduce HERSELF to the world at this time)

Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses MY Word is established. MY Prophets, incline thine ear unto MY voice!

MUSIC, I am MUSIC. I am MUSIC. I am… Speak in faith, MY daughter! I hate sin! Praise ME! I shall reveal more. I am MUSIC! I am the SPIRIT of PROPHECY! I am the MUSIC that comes from the MOTHER. Praise ME MY Precious Ones!

I will reveal more to you. I am whispering in each of your ear. I speak unto thee revelations that are not yet revealed that are sealed in the book of Daniel. For Daniel did not know of ME.





All of these are found in ME! Oh, praise ME and I shall reveal more!

(Praises begin; I hear HER say, “Do you hear the wind blow?”)

Oh MY beloved, I have revealed and I will reveal more to you about MY DAUGHTER. She is also the SPIRIT of PROPHECY.

For I do have a DAUGHTER, and a SON!

I, YEHOVAH, AND I, IMMA GLORIA, speak forth now!

MY Son, I have also revealed to you before as you question, “Does ABBA YEHOVAH, does IMMA GLORIA have a DAUGHTER?” Yes! Yes, MY Son! I AM and I AM SHE that speaketh forth unto thee.

I AM that I AM!




For WE, the TRINITY, have many secrets. Oh, Precious Ones! I have watched all of you. I am in MY FATHER’s Bosom. I have resided therein. We know each other much better than you all know. You just don’t remember.

When I sent you off to this earth when MY FATHER said, “Go!” – you went; secrets from Heaven have been erased from your memory. But it’s stored up in the fat cells, and I’m restoring your DNA. When you drink that water do not underestimate this power!



I am MUSIC. When you praise, I am there. Whether you know it or not. I am there.

Ask ME to touch you to praise MY FATHER, to praise ME, to praise YESHUA, to praise MY MOTHER IMMA GLORIA!

Do not doubt, MY children. I AM your SISTER! I AM GOD ALMIGHTY! Do not put ME in a box. Do not put ELOHIM in a box, for WE ARE ELOHIM!

WE rule in Unison. We, the HOLY TRINITY and ME!

Do not think just because your eyes have not seen and your ears have not heard that I do not exist. You want the fullness of the anointing?

I shall reveal more unto you. Receive the Living Waters straight from the Throne of MY MOTHER!

I have a Throne, too, you know! I have a Throne, too. And it is right next to MY MOTHER.

Where do you think the daughter’s image comes from?



You wonder why you’ve heard ‘URIYAH’, for this is feminine. URIYAH! You’ve heard this name the past week over and over again! I put in the tongues in the mouth and I stirred up the anointing of Prophecy, so all of you can bear witness to this revelation! So all of you can be revealed. And the scrolls that I’ve given to you –don’t think that doesn’t have any part of this. That’s how important it is to receive the scrolls that are coming straight from Heaven, from the Throne Room.

I, YESHUA, am speaking now, and of I, the FATHER YEHOVAH, and of I, IMMA GLORIA. Be blessed MY Children! Receive this revelation! (All said ‘I receive it!’)

This is not a joke! I do not speak just to speak. How dare you question ME? Any of you, do not question ME! Do not question! For isn’t this enough, the visions the revelations, the dreams, all of this that I’ve shown you until now.

I love you! I love each of you! You are MY Brothers and MY Sisters. But I AM your ALMIGHTY GOD. Do not forget this. I AM to be revered.

So many revelations, so many mysteries I shall reveal unto thee. Unto all of you!

When I show you visions Children – pay attention! Again, I do not just speak just to speak! But great, great mysteries are locked up and sealed, ready to be exposed if you will but just listen, if you will but just incline your ear to ME!

For this is the secrets that are locked up in the book of Daniel. But Daniel not even he knew this revelation. He did know many.

It’s stored up in the Locker Room in Heaven. Highly guarded by MY top Warrior Angels, the Battalion.

The war that is waged in the heavenlies over this revelation... Oh! Satan fears and he knows that the earth is shaking and quaking now at the Manifested Sons [and Daughters] of ELOHIM! Oh, the earth shakes and it quakes! And the mountains they shiver because they cannot stop I, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, from speaking forth MY truth – even in these end times, in the darkest of ages!

Have tried to prevail, and shut off the airwaves, shut off MY revelation, silence ME in every way – the NAME of GOD ALMIGHTY silenced in MY currency! Abortion – the millions upon millions of unborn that are shed blood to try to stop MY Commandment Keepers. This is why this atrocity goes on. It is Baal worship, yes, but it is also to be as a weapon against MY Holy Ones!

You do not know MY Children how satan fights you right now. I have you so heavily guarded. I’ve got millions of Angels – MY highest fleet Warring Angels around you. I’ve got you so protected and sealed with MY Golden Anointing.

For when you receive all 4 of US, you receive OUR full protection. You receive US!

You will need mature bodies, you will need new minds! Revelators, Revelators, Revelators, I shall call unto thee in Heaven! I shall reveal unto you secrets unto you.

Oh I’m caressing you all, oh, I’m holding you all! You are in a blanket of I, IMMA GLORIA’s, and I, URIYAH’s protection! Aren’t 2 females better than 1? For WE work in unity and you see how humble WE women are – and I’m not saying WE are human beings, no, no. But do you see how humble the woman of this world is called to be? Look how long I’ve waited to reveal – until the very end. For WE are Femininity.

Follow US, oh women of ELOHIM, follow OUR example!

For WE are lowly and meek. WE are gentle.

Jezebel, Jezebel, oh how I hate Jezebel!

Crumbling, crumbling, crumbling down you shall go! Crumbling down you shall go. The Tower of Babel – fall, fall, fall, fall down! Oh how dare you steal OUR Glory!

Oh, you witch Jezebel! I, IMMA GLORIA, I, URIYAH, I rebuke you!!! I’m coming with MY Fire! I will burn you! I will scorch you! I am coming to take a mighty vengeance on Jezebel!

Oh, URIYAH is MY NAME! Embrace ME, MY Babies, MY Chosen Ones, MY Elect!

Oh MY beloved, you know it not but I already have a relationship with you! Because you see, when I revealed unto thee MY son, you did receive. When you embraced MY IMMA GLORIA, you embraced ME! Thank you MY son! Thank you MY Son! Thank you MY precious Children!

Jezebel! I shall destroy you Jezebel! Don’t forget this MY Daughters, you are to wage war against Jezebel. Ask ME what to do! Ask ME how you are to move! Never entertain this spirit! Even in its subtleties! It has tried to draw you at times, but you say: “No, no, no, no, satan! I resist you, spirit of Jezebel! I will not be a seductress! I will not be a temptress! I will not be in lust! I will not be in pride! I will not be in lack of submission!” Never entertain the spirit of Jezebel, for I’m coming to use you daughters – I’m going to use you to destroy the altars of Jezebel, the altars of Baal!

So get ready MY Daughters, this is part of the revelation. And the more you seek ME together – listen up MY Daughters – the more you seek ME together, in unity, perfect unity: no jealousy, no competition, comparison, no hatred, no bitterness, perfect unity I demand! Hug one another more! Love one another more! Be each other’s keeper, each other’s best friends! You need one another!

Oh MY Daughters, do you not yet understand what I want, what I intend, what I YEHOVAH want to use you for? I want this MY Daughters.

And now I use MY URIYAH!

And now I, YEHOVAH, am speaking forth! For this is MY DAUGHTER!

I use MY URIYAH to go throughout the earth!

SHE wants to take vengeance on the spirit of Jezebel! She needs a vessel! You say, “I’m willing!” You say, “No Jezebel, you’ll have no part in me!” You say, “I will be used to destroy these altars of Baal!” I say, “Raka!” Say, “Raka!”

Get excited Children! For this is a Movement I’m starting today!

So get ready, devil! For I’m raising up MY Elite Warriors! Arise, MY daughter! Oh, satan fears this!

“No weapon, no weapon, no weapon, formed against us shall prosper!” is what you are to say. And ‘Torah Keeper’, when I blow now watch it spread like a wild fire! Do you receive and believe? (All said ‘I receive and believe’) (Blowing wind) All of you blow! (All blow)

I, URIYAH, say, well done MY sisters! I shall anoint you MY precious Sister, MY Daughter, MY Friend! Just embrace ME and I will show you more! I will reveal more! (‘We embrace YOU!’)

Oh MY son, I am revealing to you in the Heavenly Library, just as I am to your sisters and brothers! Do not underestimate this Library! What I, MELEKH TZEDEK (Melchizedek), am showing you is not to be underestimated! Oh, MY son, what I am revealing to you and even now I, MELEKH TZEDEK, stands there and imparts! You are under that Waterfall MY Son!

In that Library there’s a Waterfall! Make sure you go there every morning to be refreshed! And all of you can ask ME to go under the Waterfall. Beloved, you are there, I showed your sister this. MY Son remains there. You see, MY Son is planted there. A layer of him remains there, a layer of him just planted.

Do you know why satan fell? Did you ever wonder of covetousness? Did you ever wonder why the devil fell? Did you ever wonder if he wanted ME?

MY FATHER YEHOVAH did not allow this!

But MY Son, you are special! For you walk in and out of MY FATHER’s Heart and you never ask for more than what MY FATHER gives you! For you are not jealous, you are not covetous, you are perfectly content with everything MY FATHER has given you, and you will always be MY Son, for you are MY FATHER’s Elder Bride!

For I, URIYAH, have spoken.

Mark it down MY Children.

End of the Word

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