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Prophecy 212 Love Transcends Time and All the Boundaries of the Cosmos

Updated: Oct 28

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 27,29th July, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 28th of Tamuz, 1st of Av (Rosh Chodesh Av)

Prophetic Message


Raise your voice and PRAISE YEHOVAH! Bless YEHOVAH O my soul!!! Hallelu YAH!

THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED IS HE, knows all your names, for they’re all written in the palm of HIS hands. You’re dear unto HIM, unto HIS manifested heart. Truth be told MY children; MY love is greater than all. It covers a multitude of sins; even your very sins. I set you free, MY children. To live free for ME. To minister unto I THE GREAT I AM. Choose ye the right path daily. Let you be consumed by all that is MY will. And you shall not go astray. I have knit you and woven you in, so that you cannot escape your destiny. I push you into your destinies. That which I prepared for you long, long before you set foot upon this beautiful Earth.

Yes, Love is the greatest. Love transcends time and all the boundaries of the cosmos. Love endures all. Love overcomes all and is itself not overcome by any, not even fear. I have filled you with MY love beloved children. What a treasure you are, MY pure darlings. WE are on a journey, a beautiful road that leads you to MY heart. And there you find treasures awaiting you. I AM beautiful. I AM ALL GLORIOUS!!

THE LOVE of THE FATHER is MY LOVE, I YEHOVAH, THE GREAT I AM. It is true MY children, learn MY ways. The ways of the KINGDOM. KINGDOM protocol as I your FATHER teach you. For all these plays together into MY grand plan of SALVATION. There is much to learn, children, and little is the time. Therefore, make use of each moment, I have given and let it not go to waste.

Seek ME, pursue ME, MY children, and you shall surely find ME. I see your hearts. And I need you to draw even more nigh unto MY heart. Even more nigh unto ME. MY treasure is with you MY children. The entire cosmos is in MY hand and all that’s within and without. I your FATHER YEHOVAH AM HE.

Hear MY words, children of the Earth. The Earth reels under the weight of your sins. But she shall be cleansed. She shall be made new! Brand new, MY children! Just as I make all things new. What is there that’s impossible for I your ELOHIM? Be taught of your FATHER beloved children, and know there is NOTHING that shall be impossible unto thee MY children.

End of Word


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