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Prophecy 32 “I, YESHUA, Say, Oh America, This is the Last Chance for You!”

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Given to TORAH KEEPER for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 13, 2019

Prophetic Message

(Praying during the song of Moshe:

Speak to ME YESHUA, tell ME what is in your heart. Let this Message be unto ME as a sweet fragrant and let ME get greater intimacy with YOU and please bless all of us. For we desire to hear from YOU YESHUA and to know YOU better and YOUR heart. I love you so much MY precious LORD and SAVIOR!

I see YESHUA and URIYAH walking in hand in hand.)

Oh, America! This is the last chance for you! Oh, your knees you shall bend to ME lest I, YESHUA, force you to bend to MY will! Abide by MY Laws! Keep the Torah! If you don’t, I’ll make you suffer through the 3 Days of Destruction and plagues of MY wrath! You think the locusts were bad? Oh you don’t have a clue. These make locusts look like a walk in the park. Oh, what’s coming! Oh, the aliens in the skies are here!

Oh America, plagues and curses and bowls of MY wrath and destruction I shall gorge down your throat and force you to drink of the cup of the blood of unborn! Oh the stench, the stench, as smoke reaches to Heaven! Because you refuse to repent! Because Martyrs are in other lands – that is your excuse to kill! Since when did you start caring about the Martyrs?! For your babies are martyred every day and millions in mother’s wombs and multi millions year wide are killed every single year and yet you turn your heads and you cover your ears and you say, “We didn’t see a thing.”

Oh you pastors are going to pay! You sold ME out to the highest currency bidder! And you Joel Osteen, oh you will pay in a mighty way! Prepare to drink of MY wrath, you reptilian devil of satan! Disguised as a pastor, but MY eyes are not fooled by your facade of worldly knowledge and how to “be happy”, as ye fill the people with drunken thoughts and cloud their minds with insanity.

Beware MY Children! Do not be a part of these multi-million dollar churches! Fools’ gold! For they promise you fortune but true fortune is only found in the Great I AM! Be not dismayed, for I AM thy GOD! I AM YEHOVAH, the only true GOD, so follow not after Mammon! Follow not after the ways of the world, lest I, YEHOVAH, sweep you away when I judge this world in MY soon coming 3 Days of Darkness!

And then the Russians shall come quickly upon the shores and shall kill you and your children!

Ye shall be taken to concentration camps, all you who refuse the Mark of the Beast. All you who will realize then, that it is too late. Your prayers will not be heard. You will cry out in MY name, but you will not be heard – because you only think ‘Jesus’ is MY NAME, but oh MY darling ones, you’ve had it wrong all along! I tried to warn you! You cannot say you weren’t warned! Don’t get angry with ME when I’ve warned you and you refused to listen and you compromise because of what the world will think of you!

Be still and know that I AM ELOHIM! Oh MY Children who follow MY ways! Guard MY Commandments! Remember the Beast who comes to make war with the remnant – those who keep MY Commandments. This does not apply to all, but remember that it does state that it has to do with keeping MY Laws and obeying them! Those are the ones who are a threat to Lucifer’s kingdom! Don’t be deceived, for I AM is not easily mocked.

Don’t look to the left or the right MY precious Children! I love each of you with an everlasting love that no other love can satisfy. Let ME cradle you in MY arms. Let ME hide you from the wrath that is coming quickly. Because, oh MY Babies, I told you I would have to teach you how to run and hide! Do not be like the Martyrs who were the 5 foolish, waiting before it’s too late (this refers specifically to those who don't take heed to the warning. Not all martyrs are foolish).

Daughter, I bring you in remembrance of the little girl who was found in the churches and the doors were locked and there was just about nowhere out. You need to warn them. They will lock the doors. With all of you in them! They will refuse to let you out! One day, in a sudden glimpse of an eye, this will happen! They will refuse to let the people out of church service and they will literally stamp/brand them on their forehead. It will be like the colosseums, when they hoarded them in like cattle and they force the vaccinations on them. This will be another form of the Beast.

It will mark them when they fall for the trick of the vaccines. Oh be careful, be cautious! What you are told about your children being sick, do not believe the lies!

Do not take the vaccines!!!

For this is the Beast System and they shall monitor you. Once you have this, there is no turning back; impossible for them not to track you and your loved ones. You will forever be damned if you do not listen and obey MY command (this is referring to the mark). For I, YEHOVAH, speak forth now!

Oh MY Martyrs, be prepared. You will have to shed your blood and I need you to be strong. Just remember, a moment of pain and an eternity with ME. It will be worth it. Proceed with all you are doing now, you will pay later, with your life. But if it comes down to it remember these words from I, your FATHER, YEHOVAH: I love you! I want you with ME. Don’t betray ME. Don’t betray MY SON YESHUA! Don’t betray the HOLY SPIRIT that lives within or WE will leave you! A moment of suffering will gain you an eternity with ME, so be strong MY Babies! I weep, I weep, I weep of the suffering, what you will have to go through because you refuse to listen! Don’t hesitate to give up your life for I YEHOVAH! I promise you, I will protect you from the pain. I will remove your spirit before your soul feels anything. A moment of pain is all you will feel and then it will be over. MY promises are a true and amen! I love each of you so much and I want you with ME in Paradise and to be a Guest at the Marriage Supper of the LAMB.

End of the Word



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