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Prophecy 389 The LORD YEHOVAH Roars from the Heavens and HIS Glory is Forever

Given to Prophet  שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on January 4, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 23 Tevet, 5784

Prophetic Message



The LORD YEHOVAH roars from the Heavens and HIS glory is forever. Every flower the LORD has planted HE protects in HIS garden. For the LORD YEHOVAH’s garden is HIS will where all things prosper and is beautiful to behold. 

In the beginning, the LORD YEHOVAH made the Heavens and the Earth. Do you see the power and mystery in what I have given you? All the heavens were created and then was the Earth. For the Earth is seemingly as one star (planet) among many. But isn't this, how I have sent MY stars (angels) to the earth that they should appear as one man or woman among a multitude of people? For there is a reason I, YEHOVAH shall dwell on Earth forever and ever and it shall ascend the highest heaven. 


The Earth had been the garden of the LORD, for Eden was over the entire world in the very beginning. The Earth was where I URIYAH came together with MY HUSBAND YEHOVAH and conceived the seed of the universes. On Earth WE birthed many things into creation, even other planets and created beings. On Earth you are born again in the SPIRIT, and that is why even the angelic hosts have come down in the form of man to be born again by water and by MY SPIRIT. 

Because of the sin of Earth, even the Heavens must be rolled up and changed like changing a garment. 

The LORD YEHOVAH speaks:

The Earth itself is a womb by which many things are reborn and made new. On no other planet or star, in no other place in the universe can this be done. For the Earth is the manifestation of I YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY’s womb and is MY garden and MY URIYAH gave birth in MY garden. 

There is no planet like Earth for from Earth also shall be birthed the sons of GOD, the sons of Heaven. Do you understand MY people, l MY Sons must come down to Earth to be reborn? The sons that came down and slept with women understood this and that is why they thought to sleep with the women and had private parts because they knew their ultimate destination was Earth and understood that a final plan for Earth was in MY hands, to raise it to the highest place and they sought an inheritance outside MY will. But they did this outside MY will and timing and corrupted the Earth. 

They even tried to stop the destruction after they saw the disasters they created but it was already too late. So I, YEHOVAH sent another of MY sons, their brother Enoch to judge them, for he was one of their elder brothers who entered the Earth the way I, YEHOVAH willed, a Son of GOD. If they were born through the seed of Adam, all the covenant promises to restore and make all things new would be theirs. But they made their own covenant, for there is but one righteousness by which all shall stand and it is the righteousness of I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY.

End of Word



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