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Prophecy 5 “Jerusalem, Rebellious Ungratefulness!”

Updated: Jul 4

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on January 20, 2019


LORD is talking about a group of people that HE sent Dad Ezra from Israel, but instead of appreciating Dad Ezra's teaching, they turned against him and spoke vile words against him. YEHOVAH is speaking to those people who are rebellious against the Leader HE chose.

Prophetic Message

(Dad draws cross on our forehead, I heard "Mark of Victory")

“I AM angry! Not just for their action, but their ungratefulness! I gave them everything! Sent MY prophet from Israel (Dad Ezra)! I could’ve sent him somewhere else. But their ungrateful heart will bring their demise. I will destroy their plans. Their golden city they built. They will not prosper.

They think they’re all powerful just like the army of Loki (From Movie of Thor, he is the rebellious half-brother of Thor). So rebellious, so prideful. I will not stand for this kind of Bride!

O Jezebel, where are you leading your people? Is it where I YEHOVAH leading them? Your foot is in muddy water, if you don’t turn back you will die. No physical death, but spiritual death.

I have more mercy on you. For you have been used as a mouthpiece, but you know better than this. Just choose not to hear MY Words and MY voice. But I will have MY Prophets shout loud and clear on the internet!

Repent, woman! You have gone to the dangerous zone! As a deer enters the hunter’s zone, you are targeted. By ‘no name’ and the other wolf.

All because of your disobedience. It didn’t have to happen. But I must allow for what I was promised for by YESHUA.

(YESHUA) HE will accomplish the work, I just spoke it. You will bow, not MY Ezra. Who do you think you are to tell Ezra to bow and beg you? Who gave you that authority?

I shall humble you like a husband unto Jerusalem. And take back what is rightfully MINE.

As this Prophet speaks, so shall it be. I declare this day, your kingdom will be destroyed. You have made your god over the website. But I will take it down for a little while until MY Ezra comes, then he will restore everything like Nehemiah of Old. He took golden mallet in one hand and chisel in the other hand.

I am pleased when I AM being listened to. Not many wants to hear MY voice anymore. But you do, I AM training you. Now go, and tell them this Message from your FATHER YEHOVAH.”

End of the Word

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