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Prophecy 6 “Children’s Covenant with GOD!”

Updated: Mar 23

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on January 21, 2019

Prophetic Message

By MY Throne, I have many chests of treasures given by MY Children. And the covenant is one of them, that you honor what I have given you and I am pleased. All of you should write one and that will be with ME.

Your life is a testimony unto ME. I am happy to hear MY children respect and reverence ME.

You are standing on the eagle nest top, watching down. As I display the prey in front of you, venomous vipers, stealing rats. You will tear them with your golden talons. Anointed by the Holy oil. You will tear the enemies only in MY NAME. Battle in MY NAME, ask MY Angels to help. They stand on guard by all of you. Just waiting to be released.

The Trump Wall, don’t forget to pray for him. He is under much persecution and fire, pray for the 2nd term and I will give him the second term. If enough people pray for it. He has more supporters than CNN fake news show.

I AM angry even with those who silence Edward Snowden. He exposed the conspiracy but the American government tries to silent him.

(Hear GOD breathing out) I am taking a rest before I go into battle. MY angels are all waiting for MY command to take back the inheritance of MY Bride, shout, “Hallelu YAH!” And I will do the mighty work! The lion of 15 will come and tear, do the work of the ALMIGHTY.

So rejoice MY Children, shout “Hallelu YAH!” for MY coming. I am coming to rescue MY Bride. I have to quickly take MY Bride before she would get corrupted. I have to do MY Work quickly, and MY Beloved YOU felt the speed within you (to do things fast).

All of MY children have to be a matured Bride so I can use you in greater multitude. Maturity comes with experience, and MY experienced Bride is MY best Bride. They will master the use of elements. They will walk fully 100% in the spirit. So don’t mistake as the world (how they think controlling the elements mean). They only know the counterfeit which the devil gives. But I give the real thing to MY Bride! (1 Kings 8:38, Mark 11:23, Exodus 14:21, Matthew 14:29, Mark 4:39-40, 1 Kings 17:1) They will master it for ME to accomplish MY will in them!

End of the Word



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