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Seek the FATHER through the NAME of YAHUSHUA! | Heavenly Manna

Seek the FATHER through the NAME of YAHUSHUA! | Heavenly Manna

    MOST FAITHFUL ABBA YAHUVEH, I come before THEE in the NAME and through the Shed BLOOD of YAHUSHUA my MESSIAH. HE hath me cleared of mine iniquities and made me sit down in THY Pleasant Place. HE hath prepared before me HIS Holy Table in the sight of mine enemies. I shall not be swayed or taken by craftiness. I shall not lay down this Holy Weapon. HE hath transformed me by the POWER of HIS Word and given me to drink of HIS Life. My MESSIAH did bear my iniquities and paid the price for my faults. I glory in HIS Strength alone and it is HIS NAME that I exalt!

O PRECIOUS ABBA YAHUVEH, cause me to know the fulness of THY Joy. Teach me how to lay down these burdens that I may not be to the enemy a toy. I earnestly beseech THEE and seek THY Humble Face. THOU hast made THY Countenance to shine upon me, driving away all my fears. THOU hast caused the moon to light my path in the hour of darkness. THOU hast not ever left me or purposed to me overthrow. As the LOVING FATHER that THOU art, THOU hast committed to show me the better way of Wisdom. I thank THEE for loving me enough to bring upon me THY Rod of Correction. Why do I doubt THY Awesome Love and seek to turn my foot out of the Way of Holiness? Why is it that I am so soon shaken with the rustling of the wind or at the roaring of the seas? Perform THOU a Mighty Work and set me free. Please take this heart and make it new, for no longer do I desire to tarry.

If I will but cling to the Hem of THY Garment, O YAHUSHUA my KING, THOU wilt cause me to inherit the Blessed Eternity. As THOU dost put me to the test, I can see even more so that I am in need of a SAVIOUR. THOU dost cause to surface the dross, showing me my impurities. THOU art FAITHFUL and dost purge it away. THOU dost circumcise my heart, making it brand new. Keep me in the furnace until THOU hast, for THY GLORY, perfected me. Truly do I love THEE and am grateful for THY Patience!

O so HOLY art THOU, THOU FAITHFUL and TRUE ONE! What patience THOU hast bestowed upon me when in reality none do I deserve! Thank YOU for THY Patience when in sin was I steeped! Yea, in the dunghill of my own making was I stuck fast and in deep! Yet THOU didst pluck me out and washed me off. Yea, THOU washed all of me and not just my feet. Among swine was I penned, eating daily from their trough. By many was I shunned, finally being kicked out in the street. Then came I to understand that to return unto THEE was better than sacrificing my soul for that which profiteth not. By THY gift of repentance was I allowed to come unto THEE and sup!

From the dunghill unto Mount Zion, yea THOU hast caused me to go up. It hath been a long and difficult journey but THOU didst never me leave or forsake. In the days of darkness didst I learn that THY Word TRULY was a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path. THOU hast caused me to know THY SON more fully. HE is the LIVING REVELATION and my MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM. HE hath made me to know my downsitting and uprising and that to fear THEE is better than all this world hath to offer. Truly I have seen the travail of my soul and that it was worth it to for me, for HIM, suffer. I give THEE, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY!!! THOU truly didst go before me in all my trials and tribulations. THOU wast tested and found True. THOU art the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the BEGINNING and the END. THOU art both the Book called Old and the New.

Truly the saints shall glory in THY Eternal Reign! We honor the KING of hosts and bow at HIS Feet. HE hath shown me Salvation and fulfilled all HIS Promises. HE keepeth covenant and watcheth over HIS sheep. HE hath heard our petitions and wiped away our tears! Now are we forever filled with laughter, for no longer do we weep! YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH hath fully redeemed all that the first Adam did, by the bearing of our grief. Thank YOU YAHUSHUA MESSIAH for all THY Wondrous Deeds! Thank YOU for not casting us in the fire to be burned with the weeds! THOU hast gathered us unto THY Storehouse, for we are THY seed! May THY NAME be blessed, O FAITHFUL DADDY ADONAI YAHUVEH!!! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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