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Stay Focused on YAHUSHUA | Heavenly Manna

Stay Focused on YAHUSHUA | Heavenly Manna

    Mine eyes were upon the troubled seas of my life until THOU didst show me the better way of Wisdom. Yea, THOU didst show me the ROCK from whence I was hewn. THOU hast called and ordained me for such a time as this and will in no wise let me slip. THOU wilt not let me sink into the deep. THOU wilt never leave or abandon them who trust in THEE.

FATHER YAHUVEH, my name is as dung. There is no power or strength in and of my flesh. Salvation is not of me but in the Glorious Song THY SON hath sung. HE is my Life and my Salvation! HE hath holpen this once desolate servant. HE hath given me a new name and a new heart. My life is not mine own but HIS, for HE verily hath given me a new start.

I will keep mine eyes on the eastern skies. Yea, I will lift up mine eyes unto the Hill Zion from whence cometh my Help. Yea, HE is Strong, a Well-Fortified Bulwark is HE. YAHUSHUA is the ETERNAL STABLISHED ONE! HE hath provided me shelter from the Heat of the Day. HE hath provided me warmth in the Dark Day. HE is an ALL-CONSUMING FIRE that hath purified my way. I shall bow at HIS Feet and publish abroad HIS Saving Report.

Accept ye HIS Report all ye nations and be ye well-fortified. Strengthen thyself in the LIVING ONE who abideth of old time. Let not fear erode thy foundation and neither partake ye of the hypocritical heathen. Let all who love Righteousness walk the Upright Path. Gather ye yourselves unto Zion and turn not aside to vanity. Make HIM who is Worthy to be your guide and supplicate HIS Throne in purity. Let the Soon Coming KING be thy government and HIS Law thy standard.

I have made the GOD of Israel to be my SHEPHERD. HE hath made me to lie down in the Well-Watered Pasture. HE hath provided for me ATONEMENT, that Great SUSTENANCE! HE shall by no means let the wolf or the dragon devour mine substance. For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that HE is able to keep that which I have committed unto HIM. I have given YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH my life that I might gain it for eternity.

Upon this SOLID ROCK will I stand and none shall fray me away; no, not the fowler that snareth by day, nor the lion that teareth by night, not even the dragon that shaketh the nations. None of these shall make my faith to wane. By the GLORY of the SON shall my faith wax great! By HIS Healing Ascension hath I been made whole. Yea, by the outstretching of HIS Wings have I been consoled.

HE was nailed to the Tree in great shame and torment. HE was betrayed and for thirty pieces of silver, given over and sold. But HE complained not as our sins upon HIM were a torrent. By YAHUSHUA our LAMB’S BLOOD, hath the FATHER our sentence annulled. By their baseless accusations did they against HIM foment. Yet, though YAHUSHUA died, on the Third Day the stone away HE rolled. HE did overcome the sting of death and the power of the grave in that GLORIOUS MOMENT!

Therefore we purpose to keep our eyes on YAHUSHUA our COUNSELOR WISE! HE hath defeated the powers of darkness through HIS BLOOD ATONING! HALLELUYAH unto the LAMB, for HE hath delivered me from lies! HE did hear my voice when I, in HIS ears, projected my cries. HE hath been merciful unto me, showing me great patience. HE did cause me from the dunghill to arise. Truly, truly the needy doth HE lift up in their time of deliverance. By HIS Right Hand hath HE made me wise. I profess with my mouth, believe in mine heart, and show with my actions that YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH is my GUIDE!

May THY NAME be blessed, THOU SOVEREIGN MOST HIGH! Let the words of THY servant be acceptable in THY Sight. Let not vanity take hold of me or the deceits of this world choke me. Help me to overcome this spirit that many do not see. It soweth distraction and rebellion in the ranks of THY people. It causeth them to lean upon their thinking and THY SPIRIT weary. Grant us THY TRUTH that we may not tarry. Grant us THY Grace that we may our crosses carry. THY Strength is made perfect in our weakness. May we continue on from glory to glory. In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, we pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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